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April 2012

75+ Lightroom Presets For Beautiful Lomo Effects Off-camera

While there is no match to in-camera effects, you can always play around with various effects off-camera for that awesome cinematic and romantic feel to your photographs. Likewise, you can create or use custom presets for replicating the lomo effect off-camera. Here we have a collection of some awesome Lightroom presets to transform flat pictures… Read more

An Introduction To Lomo Photography

Sheer colorfulness, diversity and power of expression — that’s what life is and that’s what Lomography revolves around — capturing the essence of life; that too with film camera. Yes, you get it right! Lomography is all about sharing your love for analogue photography. In all its hype, Lomography has emerged as a powerful community… Read more

35 Cool, Wonderful And Stunning Examples Of Lomography

Have you tried out instagram as yet? Amazing filters, cool retro effect and amazing vintage style effects add a classic touch to the photographs. Then there is another iPhone app called Hipstamatic, that brings back the look, feel, unpredictable beauty and fun of plastic toy cameras from the past. Looking at the usage stats, ratings… Read more

10 More Awesome Android Apps For Photography Enthusiasts

Technology has opened up creative solutions for photographers. And with the rise of iPhonography — the trend of making beautiful pictures with your camera phone, we have entered the all new world of taking and making the photographs. As much as it is simple to carry your camera phone around with you as the most… Read more

Photographing water droplets can really be addictive. Especially when capturing beautiful serenity of background or foregorund elements in tiny water droplets. Try it out! You will ultimately fall in love with the simple physics of the water droplets — REFRACTIONS!!! Harold Davis, Steve Wall, Lord V, Evan Leeson, Macorlin have captured some of the finest… Read more

Have you explored Flickr’s interestingness? It showcases unique, unusual and of course interesting photographs captured by enthusiasts, hobbyists and even pro photographers. Flickr’s interestingness is a hub of unique ideas and amazing photography techniques. Wide open aperture, motion blur, multiple exposures, creative overexposure, dramatic lighting, beautiful bokehs and the list goes on… All these image… Read more

7 Steps To Get Creative With Artistic Lens Flare

Photographers are creative beings. From time to time, they employ their imaginative skills to bring all that difference to real world captures — to make the shots more dramatic, mysterious, dreamy, hazy or soothing. The photographer’s keen interest to eye the world through the camera’s viewfinder acts as the inspiration for creating mood in the… Read more

Experimenting with new ideas opens up ways for getting creative at what you do. Similarly breaking the bounds and photographing new themes, subjects or say visiting new locations marks the beginning of photographic explorations and excursions. You can get started at home — pick up your favorite book from the book shelf and feature it… Read more

Image Stacking — 15 Finest Examples Of Focus Stacking

Focus stacking is an artistic technique for creating wonderful macro shots. Increased depth of field and sharp focus ultimately adds to the beauty of macro shots. The magic of focus stacking introduces the WOW factor to your artistic macro photography. While the previous post was about the technique — focus stacking technique, here are some of… Read more