Post Processing

Burning and dodging are terms used in the process of finishing digital images in Photoshop and similar image processing software. In the context of film and print processing, where the terms originated, dodging means withholding light from an over-exposed part of an image projected onto on photo paper under an enlarger, and burning means just [...]

8 New Features In Adobe Photoshop CS6 For Photographers

Adobe Photoshop CS6 loads several new features for photographers and graphic designers. The very first thing you’ll notice is its dark grey interface; which gives the feel of Adobe Lightroom 4. The crop functionality has been improved to enhance the cropping speed. Now moving the crop tool while cropping, moves the background image and not [...]

How To Correct Lens Distortions For True To Life Pictures

Lens correction is a tool in various photo editing software tools that majorly corrects lens induced distortions like vignetting, barrel distortion and chromatic aberration. Lets see what do these terms mean, why do these distortions occur and how we can fix or reduce them. Lens distortion occurs in every lens. There’s no lens which has [...]

Getting accurate and flattering skin tones is a challenge that every photographer faces; especially wedding & fashion photographers. It is quite tricky to control these subtle details while taking the shot, thus these finer details are better controlled during post-processing. Little bit of overexposure, blown out highlights and soft skin tones are some of the [...]

Many a times we discard our photos just because they fail to impress us — might be because of colors, clarity or sharpness. Especially with landscape photographs, dull skies and flat tones completely break the aesthetics of an image. And we end up putting these images in the trash. But wait! How about adding some punch [...]