Framing the shot in still photography is as important as composing the scene. While composition refers to the arrangement of visual elements to fill the photographic frame in an attractive manner, framing the shot means adding an element of interest to your images — the frame itself. Shooting through the window, doors, archways, spiral staircases [...]

The Rule Of Thirds Vs The Golden Ratio And Why Should You Care

Composition is the key element of the photography. Apart from practicing technical controls of the camera to achieve various effects, one has to learn to compose a scene before taking shots. Composing a scene means arranging different visual elements in the field of view for the shooting purpose, so that we have the desired placement [...]

Beyond The Rules Of Composition

Composition is one of the crucial elements of photography. No matter how expensive and high-tech camera you have, it is ultimately the way you compose the photos that wins the hearts. In short, composition makes or breaks the photograph. If your images lack the “strong underlying structure” called the composition, they will well lack the [...]

Of late I have been reading a few professional photographers. As much as it reveals the secrets of making good pictures, it also gives you an insight on how pros make the images that simply click; the pictures that simply resonate with viewers. One thing that is common among the masters of photography is the [...]

How To “Work A Shot” To Get The Composition You Want

What makes some photographs simply stand out of the crowd? Composition is the answer to it. The way you frame the scene, place the subject and arrange the other elements in the frame is what makes all the difference. And how do photographers arrive at a good composition. This is what brings us to today’s [...]