4 Killer Composition Tips For Awesome Photographs

What makes the photograph great? Colors, tones, mood, dramatic light, special image effects, impressive subject and the list goes on. There are a number of things that come to mind while speaking of the elements that make spell bounding images. But one thing that goes a long way in making a mark with your photographs [...]

5 Composition Tips For Stunningly Interesting Photos

Learning and practicing the photographic compositions acts as the foundation for great photographs. Either in the form of design principles or as composition elements, following the rules of composition always contributes in making the photographs impressive and attractive. As you advance a little further, the urge of refinement and perfectionism revitalizes in you the spirit for [...]

15 Power Composition Tips Using Design Principles — Part I

In Part-I of the series photography principles from design, we discussed 8 photographic design principles to create professionally composed photographs. Before proceeding with this one, check out Photography Principles From Design-I to see how rhythm, harmony, symmetry, balance, proportion, emphasis, contrast and unity contribute in making great photographs. In this series, we review the remaining [...]

15 Power Composition Tips Using Design Principles — Part II

Photography design principles are simply some widely accepted guidelines for composing a photograph that add to its impact and make it all the more pleasing and interesting to the human eye. By employing these principles and using your creative imagination, you can make some highly professional compositions. The photographic design principles are equally important for [...]

How To Creatively Use Negative Space In Photography

One of the photography composition techniques for drawing the viewer’s attention is perhaps simplicity. Instead of including the entire scene with conflicting subjects, try minimalism, the art of framing the subject that stands out distinct in its own space. This is where negative space comes into the picture. Negative space is the free / empty [...]