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5 Composition Tips For Stunningly Interesting Photos

Learning and practicing the photographic compositions acts as the foundation for great photographs. Either in the form of design principles or as composition elements, following the rules of composition always contributes in making the photographs impressive and attractive. As you advance a little further, the urge of refinement and perfectionism revitalizes in you the spirit for trying something out of the league — something which takes your creativity to zenith and introduces depth in your artworks. This is what is formally referred to as the stage of creating masterpieces — spell binding the audience and engaging the viewers in interpreting the finer nuances of your art-piece. Here are 5 advanced composition tips which will help you in breaking the barriers for delivering astonishing results.

  1. Specificity

    Specificity or being specific is answering the basic questions before picking up the camera like what should I photograph. When you pick up the camera as the beginner your primary motive is to master the camera settings but whence you are comfortable with the equipment, your creative juices start flowing in the direction of what matters the most. Photography for advanced photographers is no more about clicking the photographs and looking back at LCD to ensure that everything is fine. Photography for them is the medium of communicating a message, portraying the reality or putting forth their viewpoint and perspective. It is more about unleashing the imagination and rendering specific meaning to the captures than just making the photograph great.

    Just Add Light

    Capture what matters the most to you

  2. Visual Ambiguity

    Visual ambiguity contradicts with the principle of specificity. While being specific gives you an opportunity to emotionally align those viewing your photographs with you and your art, visual ambiguity immerse the viewers in comprehending the photographer’s thoughts on the scene or about the subject. Visual ambiguity is the practice of intentionally introducing such elements in your photographs that can be interpreted in multiple ways and convey different message to different viewers. This can be achieved either by photographing the pronounced details or by leaving out the essential details of the object else wise covered in entirety.

    Kiss My Heart

    Visual Ambiguity

  3. Abstractions

    Leaving behind the essence, beauty and details of the subject, the focus of abstract photography is on the visual properties of the subject. Just like abstract painting the focus of the photographer is not on the visual appeal or the aesthetics of the subject as a whole. The photographer tries to use the visual language in form of color, lines, shapes and forms to render meaning to the photographs. Abstractions reveal the artists creativity of presenting the daily life objects in unusual and unique way.


    Using the visual properties

  4. Including The Element Of Intrigue

    Photographing the essence of the subject in entirety is quite common. The viewers being accustomed to such photographs appreciate the strong structure and visual appeal of the photograph and without giving much thought move to the next photograph in the queue. On the other hand, the images which maintain some secrecy like hiding some details or disclosing only the partial scene makes room for imaginations on the part of the viewers and thus engage the viewers in  exploring creative possibilities. It thus becomes difficult for viewers to pull their eyes off such photographs.


    Exaggerating details but hiding the structure

  5. Photographing The Variations

    Photographing the variations refers to including varying scales & proportions, contrasting colors and rhythmic balance of highlighted and subtle details. It is about reproducing the variety onto the photographic frame which gives the viewer a chance to think in terms of accentuation and relaxation. For instance the jumbled irregularities of hilly region or portraiture of subtle clouds amidst forceful sea waters and soothing backgrounds with pronounced subject in the foreground essentially arrest the viewers interest.

    Misty Glow

    The variations

How do you make your photographs stunningly interesting?

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  • James Wood - United By Photography Oct 23, 2011 @ 17:45

    Understanding creative composition and camera placement is an essential part of developing good technique and an essential grounding that will add to your photographic experience and portfolio.

  • mahsa Oct 27, 2011 @ 12:12

    hi im aphotographer at the begining &interested to advance my work u have a nice net congragulation.mahsa from iran

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