Post Processing

How To Create Beautiful Duotone Images In Photoshop

Black and white photography is classic. And toning and tinting the black and white images; sometimes for archival and other times for creative effects has been there right from traditional times. Just like Sepia, duotone has also gained a firm ground for itself among the classic photographers. But that’s not it. The twist to the [...]

Top 5 Post-Production Software. Which One Do You Use?

Most of us spend a lot of time reading & learning about fundamentals of lighting, exposure & composition to get that perfect image. Then there are others who spend hours on giving the final look and feel to the image in post production. If you have ever being through the wedding photographers’ workflow, you will [...]

Lightroom Split Toning — A Simple Guide To Creative Coloring

Post processing adds the magical dust to your images. Simple sliders, easy to use interface and great image effects make the Lightroom standout for us photographers. Of late, I have become the fan of Split Toning. Split Toning is an amazing image effect used to re-create the mood of the photograph. While most of you [...]

10 Killer Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Tutorials For Beginners

Post-processing is the digital bliss for adding professional touch to the images. Just like traditional photographers enhanced the photographs in darkroom, digital photographers have an option to use Lightroom for rendering finshing touches to their captures. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom offers comprehensive options for developing the digital negatives (and images) to add the professional finish. If [...]