Post Processing

Photography is an art of making the images; either in-camera or off-camera. While playing around with in-camera settings is a good excercise to get great results, going off-camera is equally rewarding. In fact, post processing the images expands your creative horizons. Putting it other way round, adding a little bit of “post” dust goes a [...]

One of the best black and white photography tips you can ever get from a professional photographer is to shoot in color. Shooting in color gives you the flexibility of utilizing the power of colors. And with digital post-processing creativity is the limit. Digital post-processing opens up a wide array of choices and options for [...]

5 Cool Features Of Lightroom 3

There is no doubt about the fact that Lightroom is the preferable option for professional photographs. It has already out-shined other photo-management and editing tools on the fronts of ease of cataloging, organizing and managing the photographs — the primary requirement of the professional photographers. With Lightroom 3 Adobe has introduced some cool features which [...]

Photoshop Vs Lightroom — 6 Things You Need To Know Before Choosing One

When it comes to post-processing the images, often a debate arises in the photographic world— which software is best suited for the job— Photoshop or Lightroom. While opinions may vary, the answer mostly depends on your shooting preferences— the format you are shooting in (JPEG or RAW), the number of photographs you need to view [...]

Photo Printing IV — Getting Lab Quality Prints At Home

In our previous article 7 Steps To Preparing Your Photographs For Professional Lab Printing of this series, we went through the steps required for commercial printing. In this article we will focus on printing lab quality photographs at home. While relying on the printing labs and ordering the prints online is a viable option for [...]