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75+ Lightroom Presets For Beautiful Lomo Effects Off-camera

While there is no match to in-camera effects, you can always play around with various effects off-camera for that awesome cinematic and romantic feel to your photographs. Likewise, you can create or use custom presets for replicating the lomo effect off-camera. Here we have a collection of some awesome Lightroom presets to transform flat pictures to stunning lomographs. Beautiful light leaks, romantic hues, oversaturated colors and surprising vignettes will help you in adding dramatic effects to your photographs — for the perfect innocent imaginations of lomography.

  1. Analogue Love
  2. Archived Grain
  3. Dreamcatchers
  4. Bluecan Camera
  5. Color Tints [collection with 4 presets; one for cyans, blues, purples each]
  6. Color Fantasies
  7. Fantasy Wedding
  8. Icecold
  9. Lomo 1 Free Preset [a collection 7 presets for lomo effect]
  10. Lomo Effect [a set of 8 presets]
  11. Miami
  12. Light Leak Punch Grain
  13. Old Retro Look
  14. Frosty Season
  15. Purple Nature
  16. Soft Sun Light
  17. Strong Landscape [a set of 4 presets by Preset Gallery]
  18. Summer Afternoons
  19. Sun Kissed [a deluxe pack of nine presets]
  20. Faux Lomo
  21. Toy Camera [a set of 15 toy-camera effect presets]
  22. Toy Cameras [a set of nine unique toy-camera effect presets]
  23. Vintage Effects [3 presets for the polaroid look]
  24. Vintage Vegas
  25. Warm Fuzzy

Alas, lomo effect is all what you can wish for making the images that pop out. Why not try your hands at lomo cameras for some real cool lomo-effect in-camera. Check out collection of lomo photographs for inspiration and follow up on  introduction to lomography for some quick tips to get started with Lomography.

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  • Soumen Nath Nov 6, 2012 @ 11:19

    I love these presets.
    I have 2 questions.

    1. Are these presets available for free? If so where from can I download them?
    2. Once downloaded, how do I take them into lightroom ?


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