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5 Tips to Help You Capture Stunning Landscape Photographs

Landscape photography is one of the most famous and challenging kinds of photography. Landscape photographs are surprisingly beautiful and eye catching. At one point of time or other, you must have come across really nice landscape photographs and simply exclaimed “wow”. The amazing captured pictures of skies, clouds, mountains and water seem straightforward to shoot [...]

5 Quick Ideas to Make Money from your Photography Hobby

To some, photography as a hobby could just be a pastime, that they do after a rigorous full-time office job. On the contrary, you could actually use your passion of taking photos to earn some money. When you are able to deliver a beautiful photograph, you are ensured that you always have a place in [...]

5 Tips For Posing Non-Models

A big part of being a lifestyle photographer implies knowing how to make your clients look less awkward in front of the camera. To overcome shyness and stiffness, you’ll have to help your non-models feel comfortable, smile naturally and just be themselves. Your attitude plays a major role and knowing the right things to say [...]

7 Essential Tips For Creating Your First Photo Book

In last couple of years, it appears that one of the trending fashion is to create your own photobook. Over the time it has turned into a great hobby and a prevalent decision for picture takers who wish to keep their works in print. Assembling your first photo-book can be overwhelming. You have to take a [...]

A Stock Photographer’s Guide To Shopping The Holiday Sales

This is a guest post by Karen Foley. Karen Foley is a professional freelance photographer who loves sharing the joy of her art with others. See Karen’s work at As the holiday season is ready to set on fire, Karen is excited to share her creative shopping ideas for the photographers. The food has [...]