5 Confessions Photographers Are Afraid to Admit

Sometimes, as photographers, we’re afraid to admit that things aren’t working. Sometimes we’re afraid to confess these things publicly, and sometimes, we’re afraid to admit them even to ourselves. This article will cover a few of the most common confessions from pro photographers as well as a few tactics to combating them. I Lied to [...]

Photography might be a creative endeavor but it still is a business. You need to promote your services as a business while you practice the art. Word of mouth and having a Facebook page are not good enough. You have to do bigger and better. You have to make an effort to take your business [...]

Photography websites tend to be artistically creative. Beautiful photographs, elegant presentation and creative implementation together act as a driving force to make the difference. These attributes do contribute in making your website distinct, but how much do these really add to the effectiveness of your website? If your site takes too much of time to [...]

7 Killer Ideas To Make Money With Your Photography Website

The conventional school of thought promotes that having a photography website is a must for gaining online visibility. In fact investing in a website has become a necessity for a professional photographer to flourish his business online. Be it about showcasing the portfolio or getting in touch with your potential clients, a professional photography website [...]

10 Reasons Why Your Photography Business Needs A Website

Do photographers need a website? There cannot be a better answer to it then a YES! A website is a must for any business. It is a primary requirement in today’s digital world to own and maintain a website for your business; photography business is no exception to it. It is but a small window [...]