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December 2010

Want to advance in photography? Here’s a list of 31 awesome tips that every photographer (especially if you are beginning) must learn to use in the respective situations. Photography in the initial stage can be learned through photography tips. But as the time passes by and you gain experience, you can actually falsify or criticize… Read more

10 Essential Tips That Every Compact Camera Owner Must Use

Compact cameras are portable, easy to use and loaded with all sorts of features. They are easy to sneak around and are the most used cameras in the world. Nikon, Canon, Sony, Samsung; all the major market players are striving for getting the best and distinct features to make photography an excellent beginning for you… Read more

Photographic Documentary Of A City

Editors Note: Today we have a guest post from Vikash Gupta. Vikash is an amateur photographer and he likes to photograph landscapes and night life in the city and enjoys experimental photography. He has a blog — The Ups, The Downs and The Curves. Also find Vikash’s Photostream on Flickr. He has visited several cities… Read more

Wildlife Photography — 50 Awe-Inspiring Safari Shots

Wildlife Photography is one of the most challenging forms of photography, yet offers a lot of opportunities. Ranging from capturing the poses of animals on move to the flight of birds (check out bird photographs here) and from photographing the animals resting in peace to framing their notorious activities; its all fun. It is all… Read more

DLSR Desires — 5 Reasons To Upgrade To A Digital SLR Camera

Camera to a photographer is what a brush is to the painter, an essential tool for giving shape (and tangible form) to his vision and creativity. Better the tool, the more control and precision it allows to bring your creativity to life. Our last article was on why your camera doesn’t matter. To keep the… Read more

Here’s Why Your Camera Doesn’t Matter

What makes a good photograph? Is it the photographer or his camera? It is almost like asking as to what makes a good painting or a good book. We all understand that an outstanding painting is the masterpiece of painter’s imagination and not his brushes. Similarly, a bestseller book is a result of writers own… Read more

Capturing a photograph which stands out of the crowd is quite a challenging task. It’s about capturing the motion, blur, depth of field, light, colors, reflections and much more. But how do you shoot these particular situations and scenes? So many parameters are taken into consideration and precision is often decisive. Here are some How… Read more

Photography as an art, requires skill, talent and knowledge to master the art of photography and become a professional. Gaining the knowledge & understanding what your camera sees and rendering good composition is just one aspect / dimension to becoming a pro at photography. Apart from the basic knowledge of photography concepts of exposure, aperture… Read more

6 Secrets — The Lesser Known Facts In Photography

As a field of art, photography is about eternally learning and perfecting the art of photography. However there are certain things which are always discovered or are received as a lesser-known-fact. In the past we’ve seen a lot of these things covered by me here at APN as I discovered them. Here they are for… Read more

Splash Photography — 25 Brilliant Examples Of Splashes

Splash photography is tricky, challenging, a great fun and requires precise timing. It is a refreshing experience to capture the splash of water. It looks classy in the transparency of plain water and adds interest in the photograph when the splash of colored liquid is captured. The precise timing associated with splash makes it tricky… Read more