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31 Advanced Photography Tips To Help You Advance As A Photographer

Want to advance in photography? Here’s a list of 31 awesome tips that every photographer (especially if you are beginning) must learn to use in the respective situations. Photography in the initial stage can be learned through photography tips. But as the time passes by and you gain experience, you can actually falsify or criticize the facts you learned in the preliminary stage. This is so because, photography is not governed by any rules and laws but by your own creative vision. However the experience of others comes in handy. Here’s a collection of tips and tricks you can use to get to an advanced level in photography.

  1. 6 Tips For Photographing Sunsets: Photographing sunset is the common desire of all the photographers. But what sets the sunset apart from the rest of the sunsets is — being there (at the right place) at right time to fill the frame with the glory of setting sun — to capture hues and saturation, shades and tones, drama of clouds and charisma of your subject (the sun).
  2. 9 Tips On Shooting Against The Sun: Photographing against the sun is a challenging task. The result/subject appears dark due to the dominance of sunlight. Here are few points you should bear in mind while shooting in sun.
  3. 6 Tips For Blurring The Background: Blurred backgrounds compliment the subject aesthetically. It helps in focusing and separating the subject from its surroundings and is an efficient technique for eliminating the background clutter.
  4. Essential Tips On Wedding Photography: Looking forward to photograph your friends wedding ceremony and reception? Here are some essential tips to guide you for getting some excellent shots as a starter.
  5. 10 Tips on How To Shoot Professional Portraits: Portrait photography is the most common form of photography. Be it a newbie or a professional all strive for framing the personality and character of an individual on the photographic frame.

    Beautiful Asian Women Photographing

    Beautiful Asian Women Photographing by EpSos.de

  6. 18 Tips For Night Photography: Shooting during the night can be very challenging because of the limitations that the light poses. Here are some tips to help you take some excellent, colorful and beautiful shots during the night.
  7. Tips On Auto Level Post processing: Here’s how to re-touch and give finishing touches to your images. Open your photographs in the image editor of your choice and make subtle changes to give a professional touch to your photographs.
  8. Panning Photography: Panning works best for sports and motion photography or when you want to depict a motion or movement in your subject while keeping the subject sharp and focused.
  9. Travel Photography: Going out on a holiday? Don’t forget to take your camera. Make the most of the opportunity — photograph beautiful and mesmerizing scenery, self-posed portraits & roadside activities, vehicles, street lights…
  10. 7 Surefire Tips On Capturing Expressions: Human expressions speak up loud and clear. The gazing eyes and the smiling face ultimately draws the viewers attention and makes the photographs lively. Here is your chance to learn how to capture the expressions to make a mark with portrait photography.

    Shake Your Body

    Shake Your Body by The Round Peg

  11. 8 Thumb Rules That Save You In The Most Tricky Situations: Photography is the art of mastering the appropriate technique. How about learning some rules which come in handy for the most tricky situations.
  12. How To Make An Impression With Your Photographs: Photography is an art and an interplay of imagination and creativity where making a mark with your photographs is just a few tips away.
  13. How To Take Great Photographs: What makes a photograph great? Is it the camera, the composition or your imagination which makes the difference.
  14. How To Photograph Moon: How about photographing the silent companion of nature at night — the moon? Here are some simple tips to beautifully capture the beauty of moon at night.
  15. Tips On Capturing Splash: Splash photography is challenging, yet a lot of fun. Photographing the splash opens up the opportunity of getting some unusual and unique shapes and forms of water droplets. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to learn how to shoot a splash scene in 3 simple steps.
  16. Become A Professional Photographer [10 Tips]: Learning to see what your camera sees is a good start for building a strong foundation for advanced stages of photography. So, what do you need for becoming a professional photographer?
  17. How To Photograph Fireworks: Photographing the source of light is tricky and challenging. It bluffs the camera metering and tends to produce unwanted results. Similar is the case with photographing fireworks. Here are some tips which will help you capture the overlaying and contrasting colors of firework explosions.
  18. Candid Portrait Photography Tips: Candid photography is the essence of natural, unposed photographs. Here are a few tips for you to make the best of candid portraiture.
  19. 10 tips On Photography Compositions Using Patterns: Patterns compliment the composition indispensably. Here are 10 tips on how to use patterns for engaging the viewer in your photographs.
  20. 10 Tips For Shooting Group Photographs: The moment when the entire group of family members, friends or colleagues is together, is the best time to capture the incidents and events to cherish them for time to come. And this is where the group photography tips come in handy.
  21. Tips To Improve The Background: Backgrounds play an important role in complementing the subject. Including the backgrounds tells the story and adds context to your subject. Are you neglecting the backgrounds?
  22. Quick Tips On Macro Photography: Macro photography brings out the finest details of the subject which are usually not perceived by the human eye. Here are a few quick tips to help you photograph macro subjects.
  23. Essential Tips On How To Shoot Landscape: Are you passionate about capturing the beauty of nature and the natural scenes all around you? Here are some tips to help you take great landscape photographs.
  24. 11 Tips – How To Capture Pets & Children: Photographing pets and children requires you to act spontaneously. You can neither direct them nor can you pose them for getting some beautiful pictures. But you can of course try out some tips described here to frame the notorious activities of kids and pets.
  25. 8 Easy Steps To Master Action Photography: Ever thought of photographing a dancer, a gymnast or a player while they are performing? Tune your camera to specified settings and you can get the finest results from photographing action, activities, motion and movement.
  26. Essential Tips On Black & White Photography: Black and white photographs are classy and timeless. The black and white photographs hold the viewers attention and makes one nostalgic. Find out how to engage the viewers in the monochromatic world of blacks and whites.

    Morning Smooth

    Morning Smooth by Timbo don

  27. Tips On How To Make The Composition Lively: Composition is an indispensable element in photography. It can either make the photograph or break the photograph. Here is your chance to enhance the composition by following the tips for making the composition lively.
  28. How To Take Care Of Lens: Good lens is one of the factors behind better image quality. An expensive camera without a clean lens cannot render good results. Lens maintenance thus becomes a primary issue with all the DSLR owners. Here are some simple and useful tips for taking care of your priced possession.
  29. 6 Tips For Creating Bokeh Effect: Bokeh compliments the subject aesthetically and induces the dreamy effect in your captures. Find out more about bokeh and how to create the bokeh effect here.
  30. Tips On Using Natural Framing In Photos: Natural framing is a composition technique of drawing the viewers attention to the center of interest in the photograph. Here are some tips for using natural frames in your photographs.
  31. 11 Essential Tips On Getting Razor Sharp Photos: Are you worried about getting sharp results? Here are 11 tips to help you get razor-sharp images.

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