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October 2010

20 Spectacular Examples Of Candid Portrait Photography

Candid portrait photography enables you to capture the most memorable images which have an added perspective to it. Candid photographs are the best way to bring out portrait’s personality as candid shots enable you to capture natural expressions. In our previous article, we had shared must-know and handy tips on candid portrait photography and now… Read more

11 Tips On How To Shoot Excellent Candid Portrait Photographs

Candid photography is the essence of natural, unposed and simple photographs. Candid shots are unplanned, unposed and unobtrusive. Candid photography lack the subtle formality of posed photographs and introduce an element of mild, unposed, beauty. The candid shots bring along with them a sense of accomplishments; and a thorough walk-down to the memories. Candid shots… Read more

55 Truly Awesome Wedding Photographs

Weddings are lovely. And so are wedding photographs. The couple smiling at each other, the bride getting ready for the auspicious occasion and an air of love in the environment is what gives a romantic cinematic feel to these photographs. But that’s not all. It takes a lot of pre-planning, proper backup equipment and ability… Read more

Bokeh — 6 Tips On How To Create The Soft Dreamy Effect

Bokeh is the photographing technique of aesthetically blurring the background; to exaggerate the effect of the lights shinning in the background/foreground. The word bokeh comes from the Japanese word “boke” (pronounced bo-keh) which literally means fuzziness or dizziness. The bokeh effect transforms the overall look and feel of a fairly simple view to the one… Read more

7 Essential Tips On Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography brings with it a lot of responsibility and challenges — the photographer has to cover groups (posing family & friends), candid shots (couple’s merriment), portraiture (posing the couple), wide-angle shots (to capture the flowers and decorations), capturing small details (rings and other accessories), event coverage (couple exchanging vows during the ceremony) and more… Read more

Killer Tips On How To Photograph Fireworks

Celebrations and fireworks go hand in hand. Be it any marriage, new year eve or any grand ceremony, all of us are always ready with the fireworks to induce a lot of activity in the sky. It fills the otherwise gloomy sky with vivid colors. These fireworks entice you to look above in the dark… Read more

Top 5 Online Photo Printing Services

In the days of the film development of the film was a pretty complicated process. Today in the times of digital photography, expectations have reached a new height. The colors and tones and sharpness have to be nothing less than perfect. Gone are the days when you had to visit the nearest photo lab to… Read more