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20 Spectacular Examples Of Candid Portrait Photography

Candid portrait photography enables you to capture the most memorable images which have an added perspective to it. Candid photographs are the best way to bring out portrait’s personality as candid shots enable you to capture natural expressions. In our previous article, we had shared must-know and handy tips on candid portrait photography and now with these candid examples, its time to see them coming to practice.

  1. Day Seventy Seven
    Day Seventy Seven
  2. Salvation
  3. Bohemian
  4. Candid. Casual walker
    Candid. Casual walker
  5. The Scotsman
  6. It’s all about love
    It's all about love
  7. Casual Look
    Casual Look
  8. 16-08-10
  9. Equal opportunity candid offender
    equal opportunity candid offender
  10. Some people are Gay. Get Over It.
    Some people are Gay. Get Over It.
  11. Amistat // Friendship
  12. Fine Feathered Friend
    Fine Feathered Friend
  13. Portrait Of The Unknown Saxophonist
    Portrait Of The Unknown Saxophonist
  14. Hi, may I?
    Hi, may I?
  15. Never Let Me Down Again (beautiful example of bokeh in the background )
    Never Let Me Down Again
  16. Quo Vadis?
    Quo Vadis?
  17. Smiling from the inside out – DIY
  18. Lost
  19. Shopaholic
  20. Untitled

Want to take awesome shots like these? Time to pick up the camera and go about taking beautiful images of friends & family. Also check out the following articles for some useful portrait photography tips:

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  • Beth Wade May 14, 2012 @ 21:53

    I love these! It’s great to see such artistic candids, very inspiring!

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