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September 2010

20 Awesome Examples Of Long Exposure Photography

Here are 20 awesome examples of long exposure photography which employs a very slow shutter speed (one of the pillars of exposure). Generally, slow shutter speed finds its applications in capturing the creative images like beautiful motion blurs, striking star trails, smooth, soothing moving waters and sometimes the dramatic effects of the moving clouds. The… Read more

Here are the results of an year long poll which we conduct here on APN. It’s no surprise that 80% of the users chose to add finishing touches to their photographs. About 20% of the voters do not to retouch their photos and essentially are purists. This reises some new questions — what settings do… Read more

How To Photograph Moon At Night

Nature is beautiful and the silent companion of nature at night — the moon, adds to its beauty and elegance. It thus becomes an attractive subject for photographing at night. The captures of this celestial body makes everyone charged with the sense of contrasting beauty and wondrous thoughts. Even though it is one of the… Read more

ACR — How To Open JPEG Images Using Adobe Camera Raw

Here’s a quick handy tip to allow you to open JPEG images using Adobe Camera RAW plugin. Go to Edit->Camera Raw Preference. You can specify whether JPEG or TIFF images with Camera Raw settings are automatically opened in Camera Raw in the JPEG and TIFF Handling section under Camera Raw preferences. Now on when you… Read more

Black and white gives a classy and timeless effect to the photographs. You can easily convert colored photographs into black and white by following these simple steps: Open your photograph in Photoshop (Ctrl+O). Create a new adjustment layer as in the picture below and create a Black and White layer. The photograph will now turn… Read more

11 Photographs Of Beautifully Captured Reflections

You might have captured beautiful landscapes, floral fields and busy streets. Or might have composed various portraiture. But capturing the reflections seems to be an interesting and equally impressive subject. Reflections serves dual purpose of subjective as well as abstract photography. The mirror images of the mountains, trees, architectures, etc present an elongated view of… Read more

How To Take Great Photographs

Photography is fun. It’s adventurous, interesting and artistic. But someone would rarely term it “easy”. Photography is all about paying attention to details… caring for the small things that enhance your final result. Here are eleven tips to get you started and help you take some great photographs. Good Composition, Great Photographs When you see… Read more

Macro Photography — How To Shoot Insects And Very Small Subjects

Small, simple and beautiful is the essence of Macro Photography. Close-ups of plants, flowers, animals and tiny insects complement the subjects with beauty and fineness. Getting closer to these subjects is analogous to getting personal with them, to invade their beautiful world filled with plethora of amazing minute details. It reveals beautiful patterns and textures… Read more

Figure Out The Light Levels With The Exposure Value Chart

Photography is all about capturing light, colors and moods. Photographs act as an imprint for all the beautiful moments or striking views perceived by human eye in its lifetime. This art of capturing moments and beauty, requires mastering at understanding exposures. Exposure is a very basic and essential element in photography which helps in creating… Read more

Post-Processing And Workflow Basics

Photography Workflow is a sequence of steps from the preparation to the final stages of publishing in photograph production. As a hobbyist or a casual photographer you may never have felt the requirement to go about all this in an organized and methodical way. However a consistent procedure for capturing images, processing them and finally… Read more

8 Thumb Rules That Save You In The Most Tricky Situations

Here are some lesser known rules which come in handy when taking tricky shots. Most of these were found in the days of the film. But they are as relevant now as they were then. Sunny 16: On a bright sunny day, you can get a correct exposure value by setting the aperture to F/16… Read more