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Poll Results — Do You Retouch Or Manipulate Your Photographs Digitally?

Here are the results of an year long poll which we conduct here on APN. It’s no surprise that 80% of the users chose to add finishing touches to their photographs. About 20% of the voters do not to retouch their photos and essentially are purists. This reises some new questions — what settings do you alter? What software do you use? Do you retouch every photo or just the selected ones? As far as I’m concerned, I classify my photographs into several categories, one being “Need Adjustments”. And then I go through each of these photos one at a time doing the post-processing and adding the final finishing touches. Sharpness, color, and contrast are high on my mind. What factors do you consider when post processing? Comment.

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  • Paul Perano Sep 29, 2010 @ 12:53

    While improving my skills in Photoshop would be nice, my aim is to improve my photography skills. That wont happen being stuck behind a PC more than behind a camera.

    Why take a few minutes to take a picture or two and then spend ten or twenty times that to fix the silly things you were too lazy to get right when you took them.

    I am trying to get to the point where I can see the image I want and not have to strain my poor aging greymatter to achieve it behind the lens. I doubt any of us really get there, but its the journey that is the fun part.

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