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20 Awesome Examples Of Long Exposure Photography

Here are 20 awesome examples of long exposure photography which employs a very slow shutter speed (one of the pillars of exposure). Generally, slow shutter speed finds its applications in capturing the creative images like beautiful motion blurs, striking star trails, smooth, soothing moving waters and sometimes the dramatic effects of the moving clouds. The slower shutter speeds allow you to open the shutter for a longer duration which in turn gives you an opportunity to capture the motion and movement on the photographic frame. But here we are not freezing the motion, instead we are employing the motion blurs for some creative effects like capturing the movement of water (in form of rains, waterfalls, seascapes, etc), photographing the rapid bursts of fireworks and creating beautiful imagery of city lights. Notice the activities in the scene.

  1. Frozen light in a snow weekend, MANZANEDA
  2. Sydney Opera House at Night
  3. Cornudella_2
  4. The Supreme illusion
  5. Travelling stars
  6. Fireworks @ Omegna
  7. Arenal
  8. Loch Duich from Eilean Donan
  9. Websters falls revisited
  10. Ghosts disappear
  11. Portholland
  12. Bridge I::In Blue
  13. Illuminations Green
  14. Rio Magdalena Los Dinamos
  15. Behind the Haunted Woods
  16. Traffic under a steel bridge
  17. Moon Light, Help! (no, really, help)
  18. Sitting Lady Falls
  19. Marina Park Sunset
  20. Spirits in the night

Watch out this space for beginner tips on photographing long exposures.

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  • Geobert Oct 12, 2010 @ 23:20


    It was very inspiring to me…it is very impressive with your work..clap! clap! I’m into photography but not so advance on it…

  • Alex Nov 13, 2010 @ 16:47

    Long exposure photography never ceases to amaze me. Beautiful examples you’ve found there.

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