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Post-Processing — Converting Colored Photo To Black And White In Photoshop

Black and white gives a classy and timeless effect to the photographs. You can easily convert colored photographs into black and white by following these simple steps:

  1. Open your photograph in Photoshop (Ctrl+O). Create a new adjustment layer as in the picture below and create a Black and White layer. The photograph will now turn into a black and white image.
    Choose B&W option
  2. The color sliders in the adjustment palette allow you to lighten or darken the shades of the particular colors that previously existed in the image. Experiment with these sliders till you are satisfied. Click “Auto” to let Photoshop adjust the settings automatically.
    Adjust the channels
  3. Your image is now converted into black and white and ready to be saved as a copy.

We hope you like this simple and small tutorial on converting images into black and white. Do post your comments and feedback on what you’d like to see covered more often.

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