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August 2010

Wildlife Photography — How To Photograph Wild Animals

The natural beauty surrounding us in the form of landscapes, plants, and wildlife form compelling subjects to capture in still images. Amongst all, wildlife photography can be a lot of fun, adventurous yet challenging. Photographing the flora and fauna in their natural form and diversity introduces an element of variety in your photographs. Framing the… Read more

You may have watched the videos of a blooming flower, melting ice, sunset or sunrise or the life cycle of a tree? Even you can give a try to something like making a video of growing grass or capture the busy market place with your camera. This technique is called Time-Lapse Photography. Time lapse photography… Read more

Shooting into the light has always been a challenging task. Whenever we capture any subject against the light, it shows up dark (high contrast) and when we shoot portraits, it gives the squint factor. Here are 10 tips to alleviate some of the issues while shooting into the light. Safety Comes First Practice caution when… Read more

6 Tips On Telling A Story With Natural Framing

Natural framing is a composition technique through which you draw the eye and create interest and mood in a photograph. Natural objects in your surroundings can be effectively used as frames. All you need is some observation and an imaginative eye. Here are a few tips to give your photographs the beauty of  natural frames… Read more

How To Photograph Pets And Children — 11 Tips

Photographing children can be fun. They have entirely different reactions to the camera, are very unpredictable yet lovely in their own ways. And most of this is true for pets too. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of it. Be Patient: In photography patience can be ultimately rewarding (or frustrating… Read more

Shutter Speed — 10 Fantastic Photographs On Motion Effects

Motion and movement always add a dimension of activity to our photographs. That is where the shutter speed of our camera can help us get some amazing photographs conveying motion. Shutter speed is the other most used semi auto mode; just next to aperture priority mode. While playing around with the lens opening allows you… Read more

The effect of aperture on DOF (depth-of-field) is beautiful. A wider aperture results in a narrow or shallow DOF with the plain of focus distinct from the background (for details check out our previous article on aperture). And have you realized how much the photographers love shallow dof and mesmerizing bokeh effect. The dreamy effect… Read more