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6 Tips On Telling A Story With Natural Framing

Natural framing is a composition technique through which you draw the eye and create interest and mood in a photograph. Natural objects in your surroundings can be effectively used as frames. All you need is some observation and an imaginative eye. Here are a few tips to give your photographs the beauty of  natural frames.

  1. Use Foregrounds

    Foregrounds add a view-point to the photograph. They tell the story through the perspective of the photographer. Use foregrounds to point the viewer’s eyes to the subject. Avoid distracting foregrounds to keep the compositions focus on the subject rather than away from it.

  2. Use Of Natural Bodies

    Use natural bodies like windows, doors, low hanging branches, fences, bridges, cave like openings. Natural things always give a special effect to the subject. It draws the viewer’s attention to the subject.

  3. Depth of field

    A high DOF brings a larger part of the image into focus. Thus, consider using an small aperture setting to get a high depth of field. Don’t be afraid to experiment with narrow DOF.

  4. Use Other Composition Techniques

    Contrast, patterns and shapes add interest to your photograph. Intelligent composition and use of patterns and symmetrical frames naturally add symmetry and interest through patterns. Make sure that the subject gets exposed properly and that the frame does not affect the metering. Try to follow the rule of thirds or experiment with the golden ratio.

  5. Tell A Story

    Framing guides the eye to the subject, it portrays perspective and adds to the mood of the photograph. It draws the viewer’s eyes to focus inside the photograph rather than outside it. Use a natural frame to tell a story through your photograph. Experiment with silhouettes for additional effects.

  6. Incomplete Frames

    It is not mandatory to use complete natural frames. Sometimes we can use the half or a part of the frame also to emphasize the subject. There are many ways to capture an incomplete frame and you can frame with tree trunks on each side, two walls coming towards each other,  etc.

Natural frames are everywhere as soon as your eye starts looking for them. Effective use of natural framing shall enhance interest in your photographs, add to the mood and naturally draws the viewer’s eye to the subject while adding a context to your story — the photograph.

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