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Top 5 Tips On How To Make A Great Photo In The Place With A Bad Light

How To Make A Great Photo In The Place With A Bad Light

Any professional photographer can take bright pictures of the high quality in the place with a good daylight, even if he uses typical SLR camera. But what can a beginner do if he has to take photos in the place with bad light? There is no need to mention that it plays a significant role during the photo sessions. However, most of the beginners think that they need to use advanced and expensive equipment to good lighting pictures.

Anyway, neither good camera’s resolution, nor a camera stabilizer, or zoom lens would help you to get pictures of high quality in the condition of bad lighting. The same refers to the splash usage, but here, in this article, the group of professional photographers made up a list of top 5 tips on how to make the best light for taking pictures and avoid bad lighting photos.


The modern digital camera offers us several methods aimed to cover as much light as possible with a matrix of the camera. And increasing camera’s ISO is one of them. Probably, this is the easiest and quite obvious way to capture a photo. ISO adjustments affects the amount of light which will get on a sensitive sensor.

And here is a trick that you should remember: the higher ISO, the more light you would get in a photo, but, at the same time, it increases the level of the grain or pixel size in your photo. Thus, don’t use an ISO of 3200 or 6400 unless you would like to get a photo with a lot of ‘noise’.

However, it is possible to retouch a slight grain with the help of post processing program devices. Increase in ISO is the most suitable alternative for pictures taken in dark rooms or concert halls. Check out some handy tips about ISO here →

An Example Of ISO

Lens optics and aperture

If you often take bad photos in the rooms with bad lighting, for example, at nightclubs or concert halls, the best decision is to buy a good high-aperture lens. F/1,4 -1,8 lets you take shots with higher quality. Aperture is something like a pupil, so it helps to get more light, while the aperture is opened. If it is possible, you have to open it as much as possible to get better pictures.

The more aperture you open, the less exposure you need for the correct shot. The best way out is to do these settings manually to have an opportunity to get needed shots. While using the maximum aperture, you have to be careful, as there is a risk that bright objects may turn into blurred ones, while the background and the faded object wouldn’t be sharpened enough. So, in this case, you have to be careful, as in the case of increasing the ISO. The aperture can also be used for adding creative effects to the photographs. Check it out here →

An Example Of Aperture

Exposure time and a tripod

One more method to make your life easier and a photo a bit lighter is to use long time exposure. However, this method is perfect for shooting motionless objects or landscapes at sunset. Standard time of exposure is from 1 to 10 seconds, and it regulates according to the type of a scene lighting.

Here is one more tip for photographers – you have to head for objects of a middling light while adjusting time exposure. There is no doubt that longtime exposure requires a tripod. It is essential to use a tripod in order to make sure that the picture is not blurred.

An Example Of Long Exposure


Flash is the very last method you should use, but sometimes it is effective enough. Flash usage often gives you awful effects, but today you have an opportunity to use a speedlight. This is a special small portable flash device which you can attach to your camera or stand-alone if activated via remote control.

Black and white filter

If nothing really works, try to apply a black-white filter and decrease the level of contrast. It is not a way out of the situation, but a good alternative solution.

About the author: John Landrum is a Managing Editor of the ‘National Education’ magazine. He was born in Austin, the USA and graduated from the University of California. He is 39 years old, and you can get familiar with his works at https://samedaypapers.com/essay-writing-help.

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