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Shooting Against The Sun — 21 Brilliant Examples Of Shooting Into The Sun

Here are 15 brilliant examples of shooting against the sun. While shooting in sun gives you ample of opportunities to trick the light and make the most of available light, getting the best shots from this endeavor is a challenging task. Shooting against the sun tends to overexpose the subject or the scene and results in blowing-off the highlights. Check out the article on shooting against the sun, take a look at these handpicked examples and be ready to share your results with us.

  1. Ho Ngoc Ha
  2. Shooting into the sun (Wow a nice example of dreamy, hazy effect of shallow DOF)
  3. Against The Sun
  4. Playing With Flare (Beautiful bokeh effect)
    Playing With Flare
  5. On The Trail Of The Lonesome Pine
    On The Trail Of The Lonesome Pine
  6. December 13th 2009
    December 13th 2009
  7. Photography in bright sunlight
  8. Happy Flare Friday
    Happy Flare Friday
  9. Flared Arch (Awesome example of lens flare, check out the tips for getting one here.)
    Flared Arch
  10. Flare
  11. A Kiss In The Evening Sun
    A Kiss In The Evening Sun
  12. Nose Hill Park
    Nose Hill Park
  13. Untitled
  14. This is madness! or: Portrait of a young woman taken against the setting sun
    This is madness! or: Portrait of a young woman taken against the setting sun
  15. Wild Flowers
    Wild Flowers
  16. Polaroidish
  17. Nadine Against The Sun
    Nadine Against The Sun
  18. Nothing Brings Me Down
    Nothing Brings Me Down
  19. Sunlight
  20. Against The Sun
    Against The Sun
  21. Empty Playground
    Empty Playground
  22. Afternoon Flare

Awesome bokehs, beautiful lens flare, side-lighting glow and the list goes on — you can really get creative with sun as the source of light. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready with your camera and shoot into the sun without fear. Don’t forget to share your pics.

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  • Mathew Aug 10, 2011 @ 3:23

    Cute photos; it will be very helpful if u include lens settings for individual photos to learn different settings.

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