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25 Cool, Classic And Creative Self-portraits

Self portrait photography is simply an exploration of self. Driven by the idea of becoming your own subject, self-portraits is an exciting challenge to improve your skills and creativity as an artist. So next time you are running dry of new ideas, take up the assignment of photographing yourself — the person behind the lens. Get a little crazy and be ready to capture self expressions and feelings. Check out a few more photography assignments to let your creative juices flowing here.

If you’re seriously interested in making creative images of yourself, it’s time to dive in action. Take up one or more of the following activities to push your limits for creating amazing images of yourself:

  • Take up a 365 days challenge like Dustin Diaz or Anna Gay. Think differently and portray a unique aspect of your persona each day.
  • Join one of the Flickr Group Pools — Self-Portraits! or 365 Days.
  • Gain inspiration from cool, classic and creative self portrait photos shared by the photographers. Also check out The Art OF Self Portraiture which walks you through Anna Gay’s 365 days experience.

What more? Check out these fantastic self portrait photos and grab the camera to frame self-expressions by posing in-front of the mirror or by setting the timer on your camera. And watch out this space for crazy tips for taking up the self-portrait photo-shoot.

  1. Cayusa
  2. Dustin Diaz (Awesome bokehs off lights in the background add to the mood of the photograph)
  3. Eliot
  4. Loca Luna / Anna Gay
  5. Christophe Verdier
  6. Meredith Farmer
  7. Astragony
  8. Gemma Bou
  9. Foshydog
  10. Mitra Mirshahidi
  11. Skippyjon
  12. Gixxie
  13. Brett Arthur
  14. Hannah Kate
  15. Lecates
  16. Zach Dischner (Silhouettes can almost always be used for some creative results)
  17. Shandi-lee
  18. Lauren Peralta
  19. Daniela Vladimirova
  20. Carolina Tarre
  21. Meredith Farmer
  22. Rachel Sian
  23. Toni Blay (Good example of employing window light)
  24. Frau Boeb
  25. Marie

What are you waiting for? It’s time to warm-up with your camera and the readily available subject — YOU!

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  • product photography toronto Mar 30, 2012 @ 22:43

    Well I know what I’m doing this weekend now! :-) These are great ideas. I shoot everybody in the world but me!

  • D.MURALIDHARAN May 10, 2012 @ 13:36

    hi, the portraits are awesome gud work,

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