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15 Photographs With Interesting Lighting

Photography can never be imagined without lighting. Light is the soul of photography. It has always been human’s intent to know in detail about the factors affecting the subject matter. Photography being more an art than the science, artists are more concerned about practicing the art, than knowing the ins and outs of what’s happening behind the scenes. Here are 15 examples of beautiful lighting.

  1. Light Cloud In The Dark Sky
    The photographer said about this photo:”This light cloud was appearing on very dark sky so suddenly, that everything around was in such a strange light….I could only get some shots…and so suddenly it was away and the sky was dark as before…what was it, phenomenon of Nature or something else? I’ve a bit saturated for more effect…it was totally white…”

  2. Strong Light Through Clouds Above Field
  3. Light Over Low Dense Trees
  4. Light in Evening
  5. Lighting On Trees In Parks
  6. Building Lighting
  7. Rainbow Light At Horizon
  8. Light At Sun-Set
  9. Light Clouds
  10. Light Rays In Morning
  11. Lighting At Bridge
  12. Light Pods
  13. Water Fountain Light at Night Garden
  14. Light Around The Middle Of The Photo
  15. Light At The Middle Of The Photo

Share Your Photographs With Interesting Effects
Feel free to share your photographs in our Flickr Group APN-readers and drop us a comment.

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