Light Art Performance Photography, (often abbreviated as LAPP) is a unique type of art that was developed and invented by JanLeonardo Wöllert and Jörg Miedza. Unlike different forms of light painting, LAPP is one of the first types of art that uses light as the medium to get widespread attention. Not only does it require [...]

Top 5 Tips On How To Make A Great Photo In The Place With A Bad Light

Any professional photographer can take bright pictures of the high quality in the place with a good daylight, even if he uses typical SLR camera. But what can a beginner do if he has to take photos in the place with bad light? There is no need to mention that it plays a significant role during [...]

Night Photography — 6 Challenges & 9 Awesome Effects

Photography is like painting with light on a photosensitive canvas. How about painting something in the absence of adequate amount of light? Sounds challenging right! Humans have always been doing challenging tasks, and shooting in night no more remains a challenge now. While fighting with challenges occurring in low light situations as in night, photographers [...]

Lighting is the most important aspect in photography. It is an indispensable element for creating desired effects. It evokes drama, renders form and above all creates mood. Understanding the features and characteristics of light opens up a plethora of opportunites for creatively capturing the scene. Along the lines of various lighting techniques, high key lighting [...]

Lighting is the most important aspect in photography. The correct lighting setup can help you get astonishing results and a poor setup can totally ruin the shot. Lighting is a unification of both art and science. On one hand you need to be familiar with the features and techniques of lighting, to assess the impact [...]

Portrait Lighting Techniques — The Fundamentals Of Studio Portraiture

One of the key skills of a professional portrait photographer is the perception of light and its nature in diverse forms. Be it the natural light or the studio set-up, the portrait photographer can aesthetically portray expressions, mood, emotions and intense depth onto the photographic frame. When we talk of portrait photography, one element that [...]

Natural Lighting — 10 Tips To Make The Most Of The Available Lights

Light is an essential element of photography. The art of photography itself rests on the understanding and making the most of the available light. The lights affect the way the camera interprets and portrays the subject or the scene. Before using the lights for capturing the required effects and details, one should have a sound [...]

Flash Photography — A Practical Guide To Using Flash

The entire range of digital cameras, feature automatic flash firing (barring the exceptions). The digital camera’s TTL metering forces the flash to fire as and when it senses low-ambient light. Flash light has it’s own quirks and at times can completely ruin your photographs. Its scourging side effects wash-off the details and produce nasty effects. [...]

Secrets Of The On-Camera Flash And Flash Modes

On-camera flash or the built-in flash is the most convenient source of light while photographing. It is a compact and easy to use light source in low-ambient light. The built-in flash is the appropriate alternative for getting the right amount of exposure in low-light. Even though it is a good source of light and your [...]

The Secrets Of Shooting During The Golden Magic Hours

Lighting effects can bring out some of the most unique, interesting and dramatic compositions. We have already discussed the various features of light in a previous article and it is essential that you understand light before you proceed with this article. So if you haven’t read that article I’ll wait… Natural lighting can be the [...]

5 Critical Features Of Lighting — Know These To Become A Pro

Photography is all about light. Photography means capturing light. Lighting is one of the most important aspects of the art and a good understanding of light and it’s nature is essential for getting the pictures that you want. Let’s start with understanding the features of light in this post. Once you know about the features [...]