Author Intro: Michael Rae is a blogger/photographer for Creative Wedding Photography, a company that offers one of the finest wedding photography in Stockport, Cheshire and Manchester. So you’ve finally got that big wedding photography assignment you’ve been waiting for. The excitement is building up and you are getting all set to go and take some [...]

The Importance Of Dusk Lighting In Wedding Photography

Author’s Intro: This is a guest post written by Nada Ljubinovic. Nada is an amateur photographer, who enjoys sharing her ever developing skills and knowledge on all photography related topics. Nada’s most recent interests include wedding photography. Connect with her on Google+. Wedding photographers have a significant day ahead of them. Their mission of the [...]

Posing Tips — Handy Tips And Ideas For Wedding Poses

Author’s Intro: This is a guest post by Kevin. Kevin provides various tips and tricks on wedding photography, portrait photography and family photography. A photographer is perhaps one of the most important components of a couple’s wedding day — the person responsible for making those special moments truly special for the couple to cherish for [...]

9 Awesome Tips By The Masters Of Wedding Photography

Wedding is a grand event for the couple — the once-in-lifetime occasion. Pre-planning, artistic expression, a great sense of fashion and style, contemporary look and no scope for trial & error; all these things set wedding photography apart as full-time professional photography. And reading through the real-life experiences of the professional wedding photographers reveal a [...]

The Art Of Wedding Photo Restoration

Author’s Intro: Leah is a blogger and photography enthusiast. She loves writing photography and photo restoration blogs. She is keen in updating herself with advanced photo enhancement, restoration and editing methods. She at present blogs for wowapic, a picture restoration services website. Weddings are a once-in-a-life time occasion where so much of effort is put [...]