Fine Art

Boudoir photography is one of the popular genres of portrait photography. Artistic expression and photographer’s skills at creating tasteful, sensual and classy photographs of the subject gives this form of art a distinct identity. Trading off between the eroticism of glamor photography and sobriety of portrait photography, this form of art purely focuses on portraying [...]

An Introduction To The Art Of Boudoir Photography

The term boudoir as in boudoir photography refers to lady’s private room or sitting area. Revolving around the concept of boudoir, the boudoir style photographs reflect intimacy, sensuality and the beauty of the woman. Boudoir is a popular genre of portrait photography which aims at artistic, tasteful and classic presentation of female form. It is [...]

Fine-Art — The Complete Guide To Female Photography

This is a multi-part post on photographing fine art nudes. Due to the nature of the topic some people may find this topic offensive. So if you are underage or feel uncomfortable with this topics you may want to skip this post. Several readers have expressed interest in this particular photographing fine-art-nudes. So here’s a [...]