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Boudoir Photography Tips Rapidfire — 50 Tips For Making Sensual Female Photographs

Boudoir photography is one of the popular genres of portrait photography. Artistic expression and photographer’s skills at creating tasteful, sensual and classy photographs of the subject gives this form of art a distinct identity. Trading off between the eroticism of glamor photography and sobriety of portrait photography, this form of art purely focuses on portraying the femininity and sensuality of the woman. Apart from the technical skills, it also requires the photographer’s creativity and craftsmanship at making beautiful images of women. For instance getting the light right and implying the lighting techniques like low key lighting or rim lighting helps in creating the mood while selective lighting comes in handy for hiding the flaws and accentuating the assets of the subject. But being good at the technical or creative stuff alone does no good until you know how to make your subject look and feel good and confident. Here are 50 quick tips to help you do just that — boost the self-confidence of the subject and get great results! Before moving ahead, check out the what boudoir photography is and gain some inspiration from beautiful boudoir photographs.

  1. Kick start with a smashing portfolio.
  2. Start with some proven and familiar poses to boost client’s confidence.
  3. Learn how to see a women.
  4. Establish a rapport with the subject.
  5. Start with a warm up session and take a lot of practice shots to make your subject comfortable.
  6. Use a long lens for tight framing.
  7. Anticipate the moment and keep your equipment ready.
  8. Take multiple shots and raise your chance of success.
  9. Operate on terms of your client.
  10. Understand the subject’s personality and make sure it reflects in the final result.
  11. Avoid direct flash — it’s not very flattering for the skin. Try to bounce it off and use as a fill-in.
  12. Try to make use of tripod.
  13. Frame your perspective carefully. They can be the difference between sensuality and obscenity.
  14. Invest in ready-made backdrops and backgrounds. They allow you a lot of flexibility and add to the mood of the scene.
  15. Improve backgrounds in Photoshop.
  16. Use black and white for a classy touch.

    Classy touch with black and white

  17. Emphasize light for beautiful drama.
  18. Look for natural poses, they are appreciated by everyone and are easy to relate to.
  19. Try using props. to add to the scene.
  20. Getting in close establishes a sense of intimacy. Use a good tight zoom.
  21. Be observant, look for decisive moments.
  22. Do not hesitate to break the rules.
  23. Capture the expressions — they make everlasting impressions.
  24. Try spot metering to allow proper exposure of the subject.
  25. Do not forget macro shots. Though not really boudoir the skin texture makes some beautiful shots.
  26. Make use of natural light; used correctly, it’s very flattering and dramatic.
  27. Experiment with posed and unposed shots.
  28. Boudoir doesn’t have to be limited to indoors. Ask your client to choose a location.
  29. Use soft light for flattering skin tones and hard light for highlighting the curves, textures and contrast.
  30. Understand your subject’s fears and motivations, learn to work around their inhibitions.
  31. Accentuate the best features of the subject.
  32. Select the location where your subject feels comfortable.
  33. Consider carrying less for concentrating well on the photo-shoot and to keep distraction to minimum.
  34. Keep the tripod handy for making the most of the low light.
  35. Shoot in RAW for delivering professionally finished photographs to your subject.
  36. Compliment your subject with beautiful bokeh and dreamy look achievable with shallow depth of field (wider aperture).

    Complimenting the subject with shallow DOF

  37. Consider investing in a soft focus filter for softening the skin details, textures, blemishes, etc. If not, remember to do it as a part of post-processing.
  38. Employ effective lighting techniques. While soft light always renders desired results, trying your hands at hard light, low key lighting and selective lighting will enhance your creative skills.
  39. Carry equipment which aid and act as a tool not things which you have to struggle with.
  40. Go after a concept. Props add interest and variety to your shots. Use the props for conveying the message or supporting the concept or theme.
  41. Try unique angles and perspectives. Experiment shooting against light, or around the subject.
  42. Pick up a theme to make the boudoir style album a perfectly presentable gift.
  43. Post process the photographs and pay attention to minute details for a professional finish.
  44. Arrange for a make up artist and a hair stylist to pep up the look of the subject.
  45. Always seek written permission if you intend to including the photographs in your portfolio.
  46. If you are going to use the photographs, opt for a modal release.
  47. Focus on the emotions and expressions of your subject. Let the photographs reflect the intimacy, playfulness, femininity and sensuality.
  48. Always post-process the photographs. Few photographs look presentable, especially if they portray a person.
  49. Use professional language when directing the subject.
  50. Last but not the least, it’s about capturing the essence of female sensuality. Let it not be a stress filled exercise. Ease and diffuse the tension to to make it an enjoyable session — it brings out the best in a personality.

What’s that one tip you’d like to add to this list?

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