An Introduction To Studio Lighting & Equipment

Are you planning to put up a small home studio or are getting serious about extending your lighting kit? At one point of time or other you will have to go in for it with your hard earned money. It is quite overwhelming to get involved in buying the appropriate lighting equipment; especially when you [...]

Photokina 2012 had it all to impress the photography enthusiasts. Be it a line-up of full frame cameras or talk about the surprising compacts, Photokina 2012 introduced some of the most interesting cameras of the time. While Nikon (with D600), Canon (with EOS 6D) and Sony (for Alpha SLT A99) had made way for a [...]

Compacts vs DSLRs: What To Use?

Ever since my Nikon D80 went kaput, I’ve been pondering over the thought of going for an upgrade. While Nikon D600 sounds good, I’ve been eying the Nikon D800E (not the megapixel story but the absence of the moire filter) and the Canon EOS 5D Mark III. So far I’ve just lived my photography passion [...]

Why Would You Not Want Nikon’s Latest FX Camera — Nikon D600?

Nikon D600 rumors have finally turned into a reality. Nikon D600 premiers as the first ever Nikon FX line up which happens to be in prosumer range. If you have been waiting for a professional camera like Nikon D800 and the budget was a constraint, Nikon D600 is surely one to look up at. This [...]