Shivanand Sharma

Wildlife Photography — 50 Awe-Inspiring Safari Shots

Wildlife Photography is one of the most challenging forms of photography, yet offers a lot of opportunities. Ranging from capturing the poses of animals on move to the flight of birds (check out bird photographs here) and from photographing the animals resting in peace to framing their notorious activities; its all fun. It is all [...]

Capturing a photograph which stands out of the crowd is quite a challenging task. It’s about capturing the motion, blur, depth of field, light, colors, reflections and much more. But how do you shoot these particular situations and scenes? So many parameters are taken into consideration and precision is often decisive. Here are some How [...]

40 Spectacular Black And White Photographs

The black and white mono-chromatic world is full of unique and interesting visuals. It inspires you to look beyond colors to explore the shades of gray. Black and white photographs portray the classy timeless images yet with a surreal minimalism and sophistication. The language of grays is not only classy, timeless, moody and artistic; it [...]