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40 Spectacular Black And White Photographs

The black and white mono-chromatic world is full of unique and interesting visuals. It inspires you to look beyond colors to explore the shades of gray. Black and white photographs portray the classy timeless images yet with a surreal minimalism and sophistication. The language of grays is not only classy, timeless, moody and artistic; it is captivating as well.

Black and white photographs are an excellent medium of expression in photography. It is in fact a complete new world and is the best step to start with. Start with visualizing the beauty of black and white, get involved into the basic elements of composition like leading lines, revealing patterns, realistic textures, eye-catching contrast, tonal gradations which predominates the world of black and whites and then see how you can utilize the power of colors for excellent shots. We already have a series on black and white photography. Check it out the series here and have a look at some practical tips to shoot black and white images. Here we share some inspiring shots to help you make a difference with your black and white photography.

  1. Love Cinta BW
    Love Cinta BW
  2. Rainbow In Black CD
    Rainbow In Blank CD-R With Water Droplets
  3. B/W Autum 2005
    B/W Autum 2005
  4. Frets in BW
    Frets In BW
  5. The Odd Couple
    The Odd Couple
  6. Staircase BW
  7. Signs BW
    Signs BW
  8. Regarder L’arbre Viellir
    Regarder L'arbre Viellir
  9. Amazon Lily
    Amazon Lily
  10. April Rain(B&W)
    April Rain
  11. Misty Lepelenburg
    Misty Lepelenburg
  12. Hope
  13. Grape Hyacinths In B&W
    Grape Hyacinths In B&W
  14. B&W Branches
    B&W Branches
  15. Morning Deperession In B&W
    Morning Depression In B&W
  16. BW Shot of the flower
    Shot Of The Flower
  17. BW QAlace More
    BW QAlace More
  18. B&W Lamp
    Black&White Lamp
  19. Benched
  20. BW Bar
  21. Christmas & ShangHai
  22. Cruise Ship Hallway BW
    Cruise Ship Hallway(BW)
  23. For Ashley
    For Ashley
  24. Moray Place
    Moray Place
  25. O+OOOO
  26. Hacienda Alberca B&W (Redux)
    Hacienda Alberca B&W (Redux)
  27. A sunset in Berlin
  28. Sunset
    B&W Sunset
  29. Sunset
    B&W Sunset
  30. Sunset in B&W
    Sunset In B&W
  31. Boat
    B&W Boat
  32. Pakiri Beach
    Pakiri Beach In B&W
  33. Pakiri Beach
    Pakiri Beach
  34. Sunset in B&W
    Sunset InB&W
  35. Morning Smooth (Beautiful seascape shot, check out more here)
    Morning Smooth
  36. Tranquilida
  37. The Beach Huts
    The Beach Huts
  38. Reading
  39. Winter Leaves
    Winter Leaves
  40. Tree In The Fog02
    Tree In The Fog


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  • patrick Jan 6, 2011 @ 12:40

    Some great, inspirational photos here. Not actually that keen on the one I took, though (Moray Place). Love 12, 14, 17 and 21 in particular

  • Shivanand Sharma Jan 6, 2011 @ 13:07

    Thanks for the comment Patrick. I do love your photo though :) Do visit again.

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