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26 Critical Photography How Tos — Shooting Particular Scenes, Situations And Settings

Capturing a photograph which stands out of the crowd is quite a challenging task. It’s about capturing the motion, blur, depth of field, light, colors, reflections and much more. But how do you shoot these particular situations and scenes? So many parameters are taken into consideration and precision is often decisive. Here are some How Tos for shooting particular scenes, situations or to accomplish a certain photography related task..

  1. How to create Bokeh effect: Bokeh is a Japanese word which means Fuzziness or dizziness. With Bokeh effect, you can exaggerate the subject by blurring the background.
  2. How to photograph Fireworks: Apart from enjoying the celebration, for capturing the abstract effects of light produced by the bursts it takes a little more of the creative edge.
  3. How to Phtograph Pets & Children: Photographing pets and children is always fun, as you gear up to photograph some unpredictable reactions lining up. Learn how to make the most of it.
  4. How to shoot against the sun: Clicking photographs against the sun has always been a challenging task. The results/subjects appear dark. This article covers “how to shoot against the sun”.
  5. How To Shoot Wildlife Photographs: Capturing wildlife can be fun and risky too. Few tips for capturing wildlife out there in the wild.
  6. How to Blur the background: Compliment the subject by blurring the background.
  7. Macro — How to shoot insects and small subjects: Most of the people find it difficult to capture these creepy-crollies. This article on Macro Photography tells it all.
  8. How to create Grainy effect: Some pictures looks simply superb with some grainy effect added. Learn how to create this Grainy effect to give your photos a classy timeless feel.
  9. How to photograph moon at night: Everyone loves to capture moon, but it requires quite some effort to have the perfect picture.
  10. How to get razor sharp image: Sharpness is controlled by many factors and at many stages of the photography work-flow.
  11. How to use natural framing: Natural objects in your surroundings can be used as frames effectively.
  12. Sports — How to capture Action Photography: Learn how to shoot a subject in action.
  13. How to capture Splash: Capturing a nice splash of liquid takes a lot of effort and is tricky. Learn how to capture Splash?
  14. How to get a better image quality: Image quality is pretty allusive and depends on a lot of factors. Understand what helps you get the best image quality.
  15. How to use Histogram: Histogram is an indispensable tool for photographers and photoshoppers (if that’s a work) alike. Learn what’s a histogram and how to use it to know more about the details of your photographs with the use of Histogram.
  16. How To Shoot Landscapes: Landscape photography is really interesting and at the same time fascinating as you capture the vast area of a subject. It can be fun and you can get wonderful picture if you keep a few points in mind.
  17. How To Shoot Small Macro Subjects: The subject being larger than life is definitely fun and capturing one is equally exciting.
  18. How To Shoot A Splash Scene: Capturing a nice splash of liquid takes a lot of effort and is tricky. Use the tips and shoot wonderful splash photographs.
  19. Black & White Photography: When shooting in black and white it is essential that you have a solid foundation on the very basics of photography, explore creatively, learn and then experiment. This post will surely be a big help for you, if you have been thinking of experimenting with Black and White photography.
  20. What Is Time-lapse Photography & How To Do It: Time lapse photography is a sequence of shots over a period of time covering a particular event. Few tips to get you started with Time-lapse photography.
  21. How To Make Your Compositions Lively: Composition is everything. It is what sets you apart as an artist.
  22. How To Clean The Camera Lens: Ever cared to peep into the camera lens only to find it filled with dust? Here’s how to clean it.
  23. Sunset Photography — How To Shoot Memorable Sunsets: Shooting sunsets is tricky due to mixed and low light conditions.
  24. How To Open JPEG Images Using Camera Raw: Now you can use the power of Adobe Camera RAW to open and tweak JPEG files tool.
  25. How To Take Great Photographs: An excellent article for those just starting out with photography.
  26. How To Shoot Professional Portraits: One of the most common kinds of photography, here’s how to shoot portraits.

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