Shivanand Sharma

Rumors — Nikon D600 Coming Soon

If we heard it right, Nikon may be about to release it’s first entry-level FX anytime now. I looked it up when my D80 went kaput a few days back because of moisture. I had already convinced my wife for a new camera when it magically came back to life and diluted my chances of [...]

The First Steps To Nailing The Exposure

Want to nail the exposure? Fed-up with the set defaults? Want to do it in manual mode? There are several steps to go before you actually start tuning the dials. Every camera has several metering options. It’s critical to understand and learn to use these in order to be able to nail the exposure manually. [...]

Does The Amount Of Light Really Matter? What Is Your Take?

We all know how various aspects of light affect the final photograph. Amongst these are temperature, angle, quality (soft vs hard), etc. See Lighting and its features. At the time of writing that article and experimenting whether the amount of light has got anything to do with the final photograph I concluded that changing the [...]

Welcome To The Brand New APN

In an effort to expand our horizons into the photography passion, we at APN have chosen to make some major changes to the site to reflect our vision and commitment to the art of photography. A New Domain Advanced Photography started as a small photography blog. However, as we grow into a community of photographers [...]

Confessions — 22 Facts About The Author And The Man Behind APN

A self-flattering photograph first… As a photographer and a blogger, after churning up so many articles about photography I somehow have this inkling of a sense of guilt building-up inside. Well if I’m a photographer, then why do I blog so much? Where’s my work and portfolio? Where are my clients? I bought my camera [...]