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September 2012

Photokina 2012 had it all to impress the photography enthusiasts. Be it a line-up of full frame cameras or talk about the surprising compacts, Photokina 2012 introduced some of the most interesting cameras of the time. While Nikon (with D600), Canon (with EOS 6D) and Sony (for Alpha SLT A99) had made way for a… Read more

Compacts vs DSLRs: What To Use?

Ever since my Nikon D80 went kaput, I’ve been pondering over the thought of going for an upgrade. While Nikon D600 sounds good, I’ve been eying the Nikon D800E (not the megapixel story but the absence of the moire filter) and the Canon EOS 5D Mark III. So far I’ve just lived my photography passion… Read more

How To Create Beautiful Duotone Images In Photoshop

Black and white photography is classic. And toning and tinting the black and white images; sometimes for archival and other times for creative effects has been there right from traditional times. Just like Sepia, duotone has also gained a firm ground for itself among the classic photographers. But that’s not it. The twist to the… Read more

15 Photographs With Interesting Lighting

Photography can never be imagined without lighting. Light is the soul of photography. It has always been human’s intent to know in detail about the factors affecting the subject matter. Photography being more an art than the science, artists are more concerned about practicing the art, than knowing the ins and outs of what’s happening… Read more

Beyond The Rules Of Composition

Composition is one of the crucial elements of photography. No matter how expensive and high-tech camera you have, it is ultimately the way you compose the photos that wins the hearts. In short, composition makes or breaks the photograph. If your images lack the “strong underlying structure” called the composition, they will well lack the… Read more

Why Would You Not Want Nikon’s Latest FX Camera — Nikon D600?

Nikon D600 rumors have finally turned into a reality. Nikon D600 premiers as the first ever Nikon FX line up which happens to be in prosumer range. If you have been waiting for a professional camera like Nikon D800 and the budget was a constraint, Nikon D600 is surely one to look up at. This… Read more

Top 5 Post-Production Software. Which One Do You Use?

Most of us spend a lot of time reading & learning about fundamentals of lighting, exposure & composition to get that perfect image. Then there are others who spend hours on giving the final look and feel to the image in post production. If you have ever being through the wedding photographers’ workflow, you will… Read more

APN Assignment — Photograph Your Camera

We received great love from all our readers for the first assignment “Beautiful Flower Assignments”. A lot of our readers participated and submitted some great shots. We are very happy to announce our next photography assignment — “Photograph Your Camera“. Trying to photograph your primary camera pushes your creativity out of your comfort zone. You… Read more

Rumors — Nikon D600 Coming Soon

If we heard it right, Nikon may be about to release it’s first entry-level FX anytime now. I looked it up when my D80 went kaput a few days back because of moisture. I had already convinced my wife for a new camera when it magically came back to life and diluted my chances of… Read more

The First Steps To Nailing The Exposure

Want to nail the exposure? Fed-up with the set defaults? Want to do it in manual mode? There are several steps to go before you actually start tuning the dials. Every camera has several metering options. It’s critical to understand and learn to use these in order to be able to nail the exposure manually… Read more

Effects Of Amount Of Light & Exposure On The Photograph

The last article “Does amount of light really matter?” invited some valuable comments and brought in some new ways of seeing exposure. Before we delve into the effects, let’s review some of the user comments we received: I think that amount of light have also a direct impact in color saturation — Jose If you… Read more