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August 2012

Does The Amount Of Light Really Matter? What Is Your Take?

We all know how various aspects of light affect the final photograph. Amongst these are temperature, angle, quality (soft vs hard), etc. See Lighting and its features. At the time of writing that article and experimenting whether the amount of light has got anything to do with the final photograph I concluded that changing the… Read more

5 Awesome Entries to Beautiful Flowers Assignment

Last week we started APN Assignment as a brand new feature on APN Forums. Our very first assignment was Beautiful Flower Photographs. It was good to see so many photography enthusiasts and hobbyists participating in the assignment to share their beautiful pictures. Flower portraits, floral fields, fine details — all the submissions were distinctly beautiful… Read more

Macro photography is an amazing opportunity to enter the world of beautiful surprises. Minute details, fine textures and life size reproduction are enough to get you excited. However investing in a macro lens is not always a feasible option, that too, just for experiencing the fun of capturing the macro details. If you’re immensely interested… Read more

Image stabilization nowadays is a common feature available even in the compact cameras. The other day I was searching for a compact cameras in Canon Powershot series. And one thing that was common among all the cameras, be it Canon IXUS 510 HS (with 12x optical zoom) or Canon PowerShot S100 (with 5x optical zoom)… Read more

7 Surefire Ways To Become A Better Photographer

Be it a beginner, amateur or hobbyist, all have a common query — How do I become a better photographer? Should I join a photography school, read the masters of photography or buy a high-end camera available in the market. The answer is simple — practice the art. You can become better at what you… Read more

APN Assignment — Beautiful Flower Photographs

A lot of new things are happening at APN — a brand new design, photography forums and now a weekly photography assignment as well. We are happy to start a regular forum feature on APN — APN Assignment. And the first topic for the assignment is Beautiful Flower Photographs. Be it taking macro shots with… Read more

APN brings to its readers an amazing offer — an exclusive discount to Jim Jordan Workshop. About Jim Jordan Jim Jordan is a famous celebrity, fashion, lifestyle and advertising photographer. He shoots for top-notch fashion and lifestyle magazines. Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Vanity Fair are just to name a few. He is a self taught photographer and… Read more

Welcome To The Brand New APN

In an effort to expand our horizons into the photography passion, we at APN have chosen to make some major changes to the site to reflect our vision and commitment to the art of photography. A New Domain Advanced Photography started as a small photography blog. However, as we grow into a community of photographers… Read more

Of late I have been reading a few professional photographers. As much as it reveals the secrets of making good pictures, it also gives you an insight on how pros make the images that simply click; the pictures that simply resonate with viewers. One thing that is common among the masters of photography is the… Read more