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June 2012

30 Stunning Examples Of Surreal Photography

Visual arts is highly influenced by the creativity of an artist. And that is why most of the times it is debated that the camera doesn’t matter, it is the skill, talent and art of an artist that comes to foreplay. While composition and lighting form the founding pillars of photography, photographer’s vision and imagination… Read more

Why Do You Need A Fast Lens And What Is It?

Getting blurred or noisy pictures? Want to reduce this noise and be able to shoot in low-light conditions? Possibly receiving frowns from friends whose portraits you shot? You need a fast lens. What Is A Fast Lens? Remember aperture? Aperture is measured in f-stops. The larger the number the smaller the aperture, so f/5.6 is… Read more

Digital photography is nothing more than the sophistication of photography. The art of photography has traversed ages, from daguerreotype in 1836 to rapidly evolving digital cameras. What changed with each new invention in the field of cameras and photography is the convenience of shooting the images. Once a luxury device, the camera is now more… Read more

A self-flattering photograph first… As a photographer and a blogger, after churning up so many articles about photography I somehow have this inkling of a sense of guilt building-up inside. Well if I’m a photographer, then why do I blog so much? Where’s my work and portfolio? Where are my clients? I bought my camera… Read more

Featured Photographer — An Interview With Brian Smith

Brian Smith is an American photographer best known for his celebrity portrait photography. He started off as a sports photographer, took to journalism and then he quickly made his way to be a world renowned celebrity photographer. Anna Hathway, Tony Bennett, David Hyde Pierce, Richard Branson are just the few names Brian has worked with… Read more

6 Creative Ideas For Utilizing The Bulb Mode

If you love to photograph at night (or even if you are scared), bulb mode by all means is one of the best shooting modes for you. It lets your creative juices flowing. The simple mechanism of holding down the shutter release for as long as you need greatly help in trying out different techniques… Read more

Featured Camera — Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Canon 5D Mark II was remarkable for its high ISO performance and Canon 5D Mark III is designed to carry forward this legacy; but with some smart moves and additional features. Canon EOS 5D Mark III was announced on 2 March 2012 to mark the 25th anniversary of the first camera in the EOS line… Read more

Photographing people, models, kids specially those who shy off in front of the camera can be tedious job. Posing them simply doesn’t work and you end up taking flat, boring and unflattering images of your dear ones and the self-conscious clients. It’s time to turn their weaknesses into their strengths, just kidding :) It’s time… Read more

4 Killer Composition Tips For Awesome Photographs

What makes the photograph great? Colors, tones, mood, dramatic light, special image effects, impressive subject and the list goes on. There are a number of things that come to mind while speaking of the elements that make spell bounding images. But one thing that goes a long way in making a mark with your photographs… Read more

Wow!!! — 101 More Interesting Child Pics

Cute expressions, funny acts, lovely smile, lively eyes, supermodel looks, free-some world, what more — This is the beautiful world of the kids. They make you laugh at the stupid things they do and capturing such moments is the reward for the lifetime. So, what are you waiting for? Just get ready with your camera… Read more

If you are a fan of long exposures, your camera’s bulb mode is perhaps the best utility mode for you. It allows you to shoot ultra long exposures. The story doesn’t end with it. The camera’s bulb mode the best for taking night photography shots; with dramatic effects as the twist to the tale. The… Read more