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30 Stunning Examples Of Surreal Photography

Visual arts is highly influenced by the creativity of an artist. And that is why most of the times it is debated that the camera doesn’t matter, it is the skill, talent and art of an artist that comes to foreplay. While composition and lighting form the founding pillars of photography, photographer’s vision and imagination lets the magic happen. This magic can take you to the real life fine details and the same magic can take you to the surreal world — the dreamy world of imaginations.

Surrealism by its very nature is mostly contradicted with photo-manipulations. But here I’m talking of natural photographs that heighten unnatural theme — the dreamy world of beauty not visited by anyone. Sometimes employing HDR, other times simply utilizing the natural light effects during haze, fog, etc or sometimes times just retouching the images for subtle effects like split toning can greatly help in heightening the sense of surrealism.

Surreal images have a unique power of attraction that invite you to explore the world of dreams and imagination. Also, it is a unique idea to get creative and artsy. So, how about getting started with some inspiration for surreal photography.

  1. Dream Island
  2. Gran Vía 100
  3. The Early Birds
  4. Less Is Blue
  5. Gefroren
  6. Soon The Day Will Be Gone
  7. Surreal
  8. Off The Beaten Path
  9. Morning Spirit
  10. Till The End Of Time
  11. Under Ice
  12. Une Visite Sous Leau
  13. Sunset Dreamer
  14. Il Disco Si Apre
  15. Visions
  16. The Distant Mist
  17. A Dip Anyone
  18. Ghost Hill By The Ghost Lake
  19. Routine Doesn’t Have To Be Boring
  20. The Lunatics
  21. Black Beach
  22. Face It
  23. Surreal!
  24. A Soft Summer Night In The Marsh
  25. Morning, Coffee, Yellowstone, Fog
  26. Falling Into Sky
  27. Forest Dream
  28. Underground Shopping
  29. Shiny Day
  30. Moonlit Beach

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  • Paul Chong Aug 14, 2012 @ 9:40

    Nice shots! These images looks stunning and breathtaking, they all displayed certain uniqueness and brings mood into the atmosphere. Very well done.

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