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See How Simplicity & Minimalism Adds Elegance And Interest To Your Photographs

Simplicity is the strategy followed by the artists to introduce minimalism in their work. And this minimalist approach helps in retaining the aesthetics of the subject and fun on the part of the photographer.

Simplicity is one of the main components of good photographs and is the technique used for enhancing the visual appeal. Simplicity strengthens the composition and makes it easier for the viewers to comprehend the viewpoint and message of the photographer. Simplicity signifies the value of the art by presenting the idea, subject or scene unpretentiously.

“Simplicity”, as much simple as it sounds, becomes a challenge for the photographer. It is perhaps owing to the distractions in form of multiple photo-gear and the choice to use the one that best suits the situation or unclear perception of idea in the photographers mind. Simplicity calls for lifting the obstructions in the way of achieving the final result.

Girl Next Door

Girl Next Door by Fabiana Zonca

Carrying a simple equipment and thinking about lighting, composition, lines, patterns, textures, etc is what matters the most for the photographer. The way you present your art is more important. Photography is the art of visually communicating your thoughts, messages and ideas with your audience. Simplicity helps in making this conversation more effective and clear. It helps in putting forth the idea or the message the photographer wants to convey unambiguously.

Simplicity revives the beauty. Simplicity is the composition technique used for complimenting the subject with simplified presentation, perhaps by following one of the techniques mentioned below:

  • Minimalism: Less is more. Exclude the distracting elements from the frame and focus exclusively on presenting the subject.


    Untitled by Pierre Pouliquin

  • Utilization Of Space: While exclusively focusing on the subject, employing negative space further enhances the feel of the scene.
  • Filling The Frame: Fill the entire frame with the subject to exemplify the beauty and serenity on the frame.

    Easter Lily

    Easter Lily by photoholic1

  • Complementing Colors: Complimentary colors help in balancing the image. Also, photographing the light shades and nature’s colors add to the richness of the scene.


    Bamboo by Frederic Poirot

  • Shallow DOF: Employing shallow depth of field results in soothing effect and helps in drawing the viewers attention to the center of interest. it also helps in eliminating the background clutter which is the ultimate goal for attaining simplicity in the photograph.
  • Subtle Backdrop: Blue skies, the sky filled with the shades of orange, the beach sand or the light colors in the background help in portraying the subject profoundly.
  • Striking Message: Simplicity is about conveying the message. Thus use it as an efficient tool for a loud and clear message.

    Sky Is The Limit

    Sky Is The Limit by Odd

What is your technique for achieving simplicity?

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  • Odd Smedsrud Jun 3, 2011 @ 1:23

    Simplicity is always a challenge when out in tha nature as I normally take my pictures. It is easier to consentrate on composition than simplicity.
    Thanks for including one of my pictures, it reminds me of “Less is more”

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