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Overcoming Photographers Block — 14 Killer Ideas To Overcome The Creative Block

Creativity is prone to staleness. Even though the adage “Practice make the man perfect” holds true for artists, there are times, you can call them as serious fallbacks, when you (as a photographer) cannot discover new ideas and your mind goes blank. Step back! Its time to refuel your creativity and here are 14 killer ideas to rejuvenate the photographer in you.

  1. Explore Flickr’s Interestingness

    Flickr’s interestingness is a great way to get new ideas. Flicker Interestingness is Flicker’s way of determining how interesting a photograph is. This may be based on the number of reactions, comments or the times a particular photograph has been bookmarked.  So in Flicker’s Interestingness features only the photographs with a high viewer-reaction and appreciation. They are some sure-shot ideas for photographs that will not only make stunning photographs but also be noticed.

  2. Analyze Your Previous Work

    Analyzing your previous work is a great way to learn from the past, what you could have done better or just observe what makes that particular photograph great.

  3. Recreate A Favorite Photograph

    Photographing doesn’t mean that every time you have to try something new or different. Just go back to your old favorites and try to recreate them. What change would you like to introduce? Why? How does it work out? How does it compare to the original? — That’s a lot of productive learning.

  4. Experiment

    Trying something new and different angles, light, WB (white-balance), shutter, grain, aperture, perspective, black-and-white, new technique will give you some unexpected results and luckily some pleasing results too.

    Fun With Water

    Fun With Water by Herr Saush

  5. Take Inspiration From Others’ Work

    Taking inspiration from other works refines your own ideas, perspective and understanding photography. It opens you up to an entirely different style and approach of the photographer when he took the image. This acts as a catalyst to get your creative juices flowing.

  6. Observe / Join A Photographer Or A Workshop

    Observing or joining a photographer or a workshop will give you exposure to new styles, techniques and tricks very different from yours, if not new. It will force you to re-think your style and techniques and refine them while giving a new dimension to your creativity.

  7. Study A Master

    There is nothing like learning by studying a master or by reading their auto/biography. Timeless greats have something unusual, unique about them that is sure to inspire genius within you. You will learn from their experiences and approach the techniques they used and how they made the best of the limited technology at their disposal.

  8. Just Shoot, View And Improve

    Sometimes its just easy to shoot, view and try again. This will give you an opportunity to weigh your pros and cons.

    Dance Like No One Is Watching

    Dance Like No One Is Watching by HDC Photography

  9. Travel To Some New Place

    Traveling to new places gives you a chance to explore new scenes, people, cultures, traditions which gives your mind a much needed break.

  10. Go Around Without A Camera

    Let’s see if you miss your camera. Going without your camera will take off the pressure of photographing something. However as a photographer you will continue to visualize in terms of photography. That is where creativity bounces back.

  11. Try / Buy A New Equipment

    Even though it is often said that the camera doesn’t make the photograph but buying a new camera or perhaps buying new accessories can get you involved in photography with renewed interest.

  12. Break The Rules

    Try breaking the rules for a change. Think out of the box; be a rebel and see what you come up with. This may get you some unique results and you may be surprised by the images you capture. This may even give you some new insights on techniques you can incorporate in your style.

    TodaysArt 2005- Nederlands Dans Theater

    TodaysArt 2005- Nederlands Dans Theater by Haags Uitburo

  13. Switch to film / digital camera

    The digital lets you get instant results. If you are not satisfied shoot again. However this is not the case with film cameras. So instead of relying on instant results, you will be pushed more towards getting the capture right in terms of technique, composition, angle of view, perspective and more — the film camera is a different beast altogether. Also you will enjoy the suspense and excitement of what comes out of the negatives.

  14. Try Something Else

    If all else fails, let go off it. Try football or watch TV till you start missing your camera again.

Have you faced the photographer’s block? How did you overcome it?

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