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APNs Hand-Picked Collection — Best Of 2010

2010 was a great year for APN. While our visitor base grew by a factor of 1.5, we published a lot of photography techniques covering a variety of subjects for beginners as well as professionals. Here’s a compilation of some of the best articles of 2010 at APN.

  1. Types Of Lenses: DSLRs flexibility of using multiple lenses comes in handy for framing the composition and helps you achieve the results as you visualized them. There are fixed focal lenses, wide angle lenses, telephoto lenses and so on. Find out more about type of lenses and which one is used for which application in this article.
  2. How To Shoot Memorable Sunsets: Photographing the setting sun in all its glory is an exciting subject to photograph. Every beginner and a pro photographer strives to capture the sunset with an element of uniqueness. Here are a few tips to help you create stunning and unique sunset photographs.
  3. Creating A Realistic Torn Photo Frame Effect Using Photoshop: Digital photography makes it easy to add some special effects to the photographs, like creating a realistic torn photo frame effect. Here is a simple way of achieving the above mentioned effect in Photoshop.
  4. How To Clean The Camera Lens: Cleaning and maintaining the camera lens is of utmost concern to always get clear and sharp results. There are several options for cleaning the camera lens, like wiping it off with cotton swab or using a lens pen. We cover the topic in-depth on how to clean the camera lens with detailed tips to help keep the camera-lens safe from dust (and finger prints).
  5. How To Shoot A Splash Scene: Splash photography gives versatile, abstract and exceptionally beautiful results. It is challenging to capture the water splashes, but learning to shoot splashes is difficult without some experimentation. Check out this article, tune the camera settings, rest it on the tripod and you are all set to have fun with water droplets forming crown and splashes.
  6. Tips On Creating The Bokeh effect: The bokeh effect compliments the subject aesthetically. Here are the most effective tips to help you create beautiful bokehs to compliment the subject with a dreamy effect.
  7. Learning About The Golden Ratio: Over the years professional photographers have been using some specific techniques and rules to make a mark with their photographs; the compositional rule of golden ratio being one of them. Check out the article for more information about the golden ratio and how to apply it to draw viewers attention.
  8. Tips On How To Shoot Landscapes: Landscapes are a perfect blend of colors. Landscapes look great when portrayed as colorful composition and stand out uniquely when shot in black and whites. Color, composition and creativity are the three C’s behind making awesome landscape photographs. Check out our in-depth tips on how to shoot landscapes.
  9. Photography Essentials — Tools And Equipment: An essential requirement for an artist is to know, explore and efficiently use his tools and equipment. Here is a list of tools and equipment which every photographer must consider, especially when shooting indoors (in low ambient light).
  10. Gallery Of Beautiful And Colorful Landscape Photographs: Photographing landscapes is all about portraying the colors of nature. Blue skies against green fields and red roses… This article features the last in the top 10 of our most read articles of 2010. Check out the colorful arena of landscapes here.

Which of these articles did you like?

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