Photography — An Art Or The Technology?

Do you consider photography as an art or you are completely dependent on technology. This debate has been going on since ages. Some people just do not get satisfied with the high end cameras they have. They always try to get the upgraded version with the hope that the advanced camera will improve their photography […]

Panning — The Art Of Motion Photography!

Panning is an interesting art of photography. It has been there since ages but it still excites many photographers. It gives the right feel of motion to your pictures. Panning works best for sports and motion photography or when you want to depict a motion or movement in your subject while keeping it sharp and […]

An Introduction To Photographic Composition

There’s a lot that happens between eying the subject and getting the results. This is extremely complex to describe and understand. Luckily, the technological advancements have taken this burden off the photographer’s shoulder. However there’s quite a lot which still only the photographer can do, after all there’s a difference between the man and the […]

Bracketing The Shots To Nail The Exposures

I remember when I was new in the field of photography; I often used to wonder what people meant when they said I need to make sure the exposure sign on your screen is green, always. Who decides what exposure is good? I should decide it as a photographer or the camera decides it which […]

How Many Types Of Cameras Do You Know?

Ever tried to think how many types of cameras are there? I always see people talking about DSLRs, but at professional level we have other cameras as well. Cameras are broadly classified on the basis of size of the film/ sensor (in digital cameras). Here’s a brief introduction: Small Format Cameras All the SLR, DSLR […]

Introduction To APN

Welcome to Since this is the first post let me take you through a small introduction while we save the more specialized stuff for later. This blog is a realization of my long cherished dream. The site had been planned for long but I had always chosen to postpone the plans to a better […]