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E-book Review — The Art Of Boudoir Photography With Speedlights

Picking up from the piles of the books on the shelves about photography is quite of a task. Each book stands out distinctly with specific tips, tricks and blend of experiments and experiences of the photographers over the time. Some books make a lasting impresssion on the readers while others engulf the readers into seriously making the most of it. The Art of Boudoir Photography With Speedlights by Michael Zelbel is one such ebook which inspires, encourages and practically involves the photographers into understanding and implementing the finer nuances of boudoir photography all at the same time.
The ebook presents easy to follow step-by-step guide which prepares you to take flattering boudoir / bedroom photographs. Initiating with guidelines on setting up the studio in the bedroom itself, the ebook covers:

  • Tips for selecting the right apparel,
  • Practical guide for choosing the appropriate lighting set-up — for creating mood and building the level of intimacy,
  • A Cheat-sheet of poses that always work and some creative ideas for trying new poses for elegantly presenting the bodyscapes,
  • An insight into the basic compositional rules like golden ratio and rule of thirds which hold true even when taking the boudoir shots
  • An ultimate checklist of the don’ts of boudoir photography and
  • Extra pieces of advice that make up for juicy tips for creating interesting, enigmatic and artistic boudoir photographs.

The unique style of the author, technically and artistically appealing photographs, diagramatic presentation of various lighting set-ups (with practical examples) and most importantly the motivational tone of the ebook welcomes you to try your hands at boudoir photography. In just 75 pages of coverage, the ebook provides much required tips, tricks, suggestions and guidance for starters and makes up for a handy resource for enthusiasts and hobbyist as well.
The ebook offers a combination of unique, unusual and some common tips. But the outstanding feature of the ebook is that it reveals the magic of making beautiful images with minimalistic gear, i.e., instead of encouraging the readers to invest in high-end photography arsenal, it motivates them to make the most of the photo-shoot with handy speedlights; which enable you to turn the bedroom into a perfect boudoir studio (making room for appropriately playing with highlights and shadows to artistically reveal the sensuality of feminine bodyscapes). The ebook features Emily (Michael’s wife) as the model for a realistic presentation of poses and expressions as against the professional models easy to work with for glamor photo shoots.
The author of the ebook, Michael Zelbel is a fashion photographer. He loves to share the photography tips and ideas through his personal blog Smoking Strobes and his flair for sharing the love for photography clearly shows up in the examples, tips and photography ideas presented throughout the book.
Photography books dedicated to boudoir are not easy to come by. Getting experience in this field as a fresher is tough too. This ebook is a great resource for anyone looking for some professional advice on boudoir and a great poses-cheat-sheet that comes with it. Handy and valuable resource: you can grab it from here.

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