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Stereo Photography — 11 Illustrative Examples Of 3D Cross Viewing

In the previous post you witnessed the power of 3D imaging, viz. learned to shoot and view the stereo photographs. Here are 11 exciting examples exclusively for you to train your eyes on depth perception. Get set and go for the drill to experience the illusion of depth and make your eyes happy and healthy. And also don’t forget to review the article on Stereo Photography to grasp cross viewing and parallel viewing techniques.

  1. WTC Staircase 3D Cross View
  2. Columns 3D Parallel Viewing
  3. Moraine Lake
  4. Chihuly In Boston
  5. 3D Cross Eye View P51D
  6. Night Of The Dolphin 3D Stereogram
  7. Magic Kingdom – Taking The Castle From Behind Hyper 3D Stereogram
  8. Seedpod
  9. Mandlebulb Coral Reef
  10. Vezelay Basilique Ste-Madeleine [X Stereo]
  11. Magic Kingdom – Big Thunder Peak Stereogram

Check out the article on article on Stereo Photography to learn cross viewing and parallel viewing techniques for visualizing three dimensions in these stereo pairs.

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