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Splash Photography — 25 Brilliant Examples Of Splashes

Splash photography is tricky, challenging, a great fun and requires precise timing. It is a refreshing experience to capture the splash of water. It looks classy in the transparency of plain water and adds interest in the photograph when the splash of colored liquid is captured. The precise timing associated with splash makes it tricky to capture, adventurous and exciting. The splash of water takes new shapes and forms and at other times, the spilling droplets  fill the frame with amazing effects and results. Here’s APN’s collection of 25 brilliant splash photography examples. Check out our article on splash photography to learn how to shoot a splash scene.

  1. Wasserglas
  2. H 2 O!?
    H 2 O!?
  3. Splash!
  4. Ring Splash
    Ring Splash
  5. Strawberry Splash
    Strawberry Splash
  6. Splashing#2
  7. Splash!
  8. Splash 2
    Splash 2
  9. Splash 1
    Splash 1
  10. Splash (5)
    Splash (5)
  11. Splash
  12. Splash Natural
    Splash Natural
  13. Splash
  14. Splash (5)
    Splash (5)
  15. Splash
  16. Splash
  17. My Splash!!!!!
  18. Splash I Leica M8
    Splash I Leica M8
  19. Episode VI: Return Of The Splish
    Episode VI: Return Of The Splish
  20. Splash!
  21. Zero Gravity
    Zero Gravity
  22. Droplet #5
    Droplet #5
  23. Nothing In The World Is More Flexible And Yielding
    Nothing In The World Is More Flexible And Yielding
  24. Martini Splash 3
    Martini Splash 3
  25. Water Splash
    Water Splash

Have you tried splash photography yet? Here are some creative ideas to photograph the splashes and water droplets. Check them out and share what you get!

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