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Natural HDRs — 21 Superb Examples Of Natural Looking High Dynamic Range Images

HDR is an abbreviated form of High Dynamic Range. It is one of the most interesting aspects of photography. Cameras have a very limited dynamic range and the cameras cannot see what our eyes do. To portray scenes with a high dynamic range, three shots are taken at different exposures — one normal, one underexposed and one overexposed. These three shots are aimed at capturing the midtone, highlight and shadow details. An HDR is a composite image achieved by merging these three shots. While all this sounds easy, HDRs due to technical limitations almost always seem surreal and unnatural. However here are some beautifully done HDRs which retain their natural look, feel and aesthetics.

  1. Just Add Light…
    Just Add Light...
  2. Sun And Signs
    Sun And Signs
  3. Steel Town (Lines add dynamicity to this image)
    Steel Town
  4. My First HDR
    My First HDR
  5. A Sea Of Sunflowers
    A Sea Of Sunflowers
  6. HDR – Beetle (See how image stacking can help you in getting sharp macro images.)
    HDR - Beetle
  7. Rosa
  8. Sunset in the hills
    Sunset in the hills
  9. The Dock To Forever
    The Dock To Forever
  10. Orchid Ala HDR
    Orchid Ala HDR
  11. Sunrise Across The Icy Lake In Reykjavik
    Sunrise Across The Icy Lake In Reykjavik
  12. Dragon’s Corner(HDR)
    Dragon's Corner(HDR)
  13. HDR’rred Hapuna Beach Cabin
    HDR'rred Hapuna Beach Cabin
  14. Rain
  15. Eyes Of The World
    Eyes Of The World
  16. HDR At Night
    HDR At Night
  17. HDR Bridge
    HDR Bridge
  18. Another Summer Day in Paris
    Another Summer Day in Paris
  19. My First HDR!
    My First HDR!
  20. Winter Mist
    Winter Mist
  21. Feeling On Top Of The World In Tokyo
    Feeling On Top Of The World In Tokyo

Want to learn more about HDR photography? Here are some useful links:

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  • dicky Apr 14, 2012 @ 6:36

    right now… HDR can be created usingone single image… using Photoshop.

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