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Kids Photography — 80 Beautiful Photographs Of Cute Kids [Karate Kid Meets Flying Mom]

Photographing kids and children is almost like re-living your life. Charming eyes, notorious acts and fun-filled games attract everyone towards the innocent world of kids. Each and every act of their day to day life is worth capturing. Even though it is difficult to pose them, their natural poses can give you lovely surprises. Here are 80 stunning examples of child photographs, all trying to portray the liveliness and beauty of childhood. Also, check out the tips on how to photograph kids and share your results with us.

  1. Goldilocks
  2. Mac Youngin
    Mac Youngin
  3. Happy Happy Joy Joy
  4. Joy
  5. Self-promotion warning: My own son here.
  6. Bite My Lip
    Bite My Lip
  7. Baby Bathing
    Baby Bathing
  8. Untitiled
  9. Another Smile!
    Another Smile!
  10. Viola
  11. Dream Of Day (classic example of black and white magic — check out tips for taking amazing b&w shots here.)
  12. Dream Of Day
    Dream Of Day
  13. Emily
  14. Flower Child!
    Flower Child!
  15. Even Kids Contemplate
    Even Kids Contemplate
  16. Daniel (awesome example of adding contextual backgrounds)
  17. Another photograph of my son
  18. Colby
  19. Lisbeth
  20. Here Comes The Sun! (Aha, the window light magic)
    Here Comes The Sun!
  21. Pretty Miss E
    Pretty Miss E
  22. Eva, Tiny Thoughts
    Eva, Tiny Thoughts
  23. Levi Wants To Be Your Teddy Bear
    Levi Wants To Be Your Teddy Bear
  24. Future Filckerites?
    Future Filckerites?
  25. Oh My God I Look Cute!!
    Oh My God I Look Cute!!
  26. Bathroom Reading
    Bathroom Reading
  27. 0216
  28. If We Hold On Together
    If We Hold On Together
  29. Grazie Italia!
    Grazie Italia!
  30. Dreamers Disease
    Dreamers Disease
  31. Focused
  32. Karate Kid Meets Flying Mom (perfectly captured action shot — fast shutter speed, continuous burst and few more tips here)
    Karate Kid Meets Flying Mom
  33. Young Love? (— dare to shoot against the sun)
    Young Love?
  34. The Innovative Zoom Lens
    The Innovative Zoom Lens
  35. Saba ~ II
    Saba ~ II
  36. A Young Mother
    A Young Mother
  37. Facial Expression (check out the tips to capture the expressions here)
    Facial Expression
  38. Untitled
  39. Babyfingers (see how beautifully sidelight brings out the textures and add a magical appeal to the capture)
  40. Untitled
  41. Happy Father’s Day !!
  42. Richard Eating An Apple
    Richard Eating An Apple
  43. Triplees
  44. Who Dressed You?
    Who Dressed You?
  45. Untitled
  46. Moment Of Joy
    Moment Of Joy
  47. Protection
  48. Sleep Like A Baby
    Sleep Like A Baby
  49. Geborgenheit (want to know how to get the high key images like this one? Check out the tutorial on high key lighting here!)
  50. Sara
  51. My Niece
    My Niece
  52. This Looks Like Too Much Fun!!!
    This Looks Like Too Much Fun!!!
  53. Where The Treetops Glisten And The Children Listen…
    Where The Treetops Glisten And The Children Listen...
  54. Learning By Copying
    Learning By Copying
  55. A Face For Pictures
    A Face For Pictures
  56. If You Smack Me
    If You Smack Me
  57. -9
  58. I’ve Become A Better Man
    I've Become A Better Man
  59. Leo And Jen
    Leo And Jen
  60. In Their Car Seats
    In Their Car Seats
  61. Sequoia Moves To Stop A Spinning Top
    Sequoia Moves To Stop A Spinning Top
  62. Funny Face
    Funny Face
  63. She’s Growing Too Fast
    She's Growing Too Fast
  64. Lazy Friday Afternoon
  65. What’s At The End Of This Rainbow?
    What's At The End Of This Rainbow?
  66. Jeans
  67. Light, God’s Eldest Daughter
    Light, God's Eldest Daughter
  68. Sisters
  69. Waiting
  70. Laughing
  71. Proud
  72. Cousins
  73. Hand It To Me
  74. Cohorts
  75. Cute Baby
    Cute Baby
  76. Hands-on Learning
    Hands-on Learning
  77. Being Goofy
    Being Goofy
  78. Megan Bubble
    Megan Bubble
  79. Click…
  80. Yet another photo of my kid. Peace…

Kids are kids — cute, lively, peppy, naughty and full of life. Have a look at 101 more interesting photographs of kids; busy in their own world of intimacy and innocence.

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  • Muhamed Soliman Apr 9, 2012 @ 17:39

    Beautiful pictures

  • pradeep Apr 17, 2012 @ 21:17

    fabulous photos my friend.i liked every single photograph,What’s At The End Of This Rainbow?
    i liked this one a lot and also The Innovative Zoom Lens.thanks for ur photo graphs friend

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