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Image Stacking — 15 Finest Examples Of Focus Stacking

Focus stacking is an artistic technique for creating wonderful macro shots. Increased depth of field and sharp focus ultimately adds to the beauty of macro shots. The magic of focus stacking introduces the WOW factor to your artistic macro photography.

While the previous post was about the technique — focus stacking technique, here are some of the finest samples, examples and photographers’ experiments for creating sharp, crisp and focused images with image / focus stacking. Check out for yourself how photographers have implemented this technique to make their macro shots simply pop.

  1. Focus Stacked Hibiscus: There’s just one thing that strikes in the mind when you look at this image — Efforts pay off. This beautiful image created by Rex Boggs by implying the focus stacking technique in Photoshop CS5 is a grand opening for this collection.
  2. Focus Stacking: Amazing shot, Jocelyn’s first attempt at focus stacking by superimposing about 27 images to make the water droplet stand out distinctly.
  3. Focus Stacked Close-up: Brilliant details, attractive colors and profound composition gives distinct identity to the Kain Kalju’s creation — a super-fine image created by manually stacking 4 frames with varying focal points.
  4. Clarity: This image by Zorin Denu is created by stacking 9 images in Helicon Focus, an effective alternative to Photoshop and CombineZP.
  5. Bee Eye: Can you make out what does this photograph portray? It’s an eye of the deceased bee. Photographer Jasper Nance has created this image by stacking 50 images,  shot by varying the focal plane. Rest is what image speaks out itself — abstract and transcendental composition.
  6. Daylily: This stunning macro has all of it — crisp and sharp textures, exact details, accurate colors and a high depth of field. Overall it is an outstanding work of art created by Eric Begin.
  7. Bearded Iris Up Close And Personal: Through this image and several others developed through focus stacking, Bill Gracey implicitly portrays his love for high depth of field macro shots; the ones with fine details and superb textures.
  8. Tulipa Stamen: The very first comment to this photograph reads “Beautiful Focus” and this is what sets this image apart. This image is created by Thomas Bresson by aligning and stacking 21 images in CombineZP.
  9. Focus Stacked Hoverfly: Smooth background and sharp hoverfly is what adds an element of the interest to this photograph. Wade Franklin has successfully created an impressive focus-stacked macro, from three frames using CombineZ5.
  10. Tulip Texture: The photographer Eric Bjerke has achieved this artistic photograph by stacking four images with CombineZP.
  11. Backlit Tulip Interior: One more stunning shot by Bill Gracey. Superb backlighting and two images with varying focal point give final shape to the striking texture in the image.
  12. Daisy DOF Stack: The sharp and focused water droplets are a result of dof / focus stacking of 16 images. This image is created by Crouchy69.
  13. Down Feather Stack: The fine texture of the feather is resulted from 17 images stacked by Jasper Nance.
  14. Lilaceae Sp: Crisp, sharp and fine details of the image is achieved by assembling / stacking 24 images in CombineZP by Thomas Bresson.
  15. Stamens Close-up: Close, personal and abstract are the key terms that beautify this image. Along with it, the warm colors and subtle lines draw the eye towards the center point of the composition — the fragile stamen of the flower. This image by Kain Kalju has quite of an artistic appeal to it and thus among other Flickr collections, this photograph has been included in the group called Artistic Flower Photos.

How about getting your hands to focus stacking? Check out the article on focus stacking here to learn more about this amazing technique.

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  • Leah Apr 6, 2012 @ 10:25

    Stunning Photographs! Each one of the pic here attracts and produces a excellent impression on mind. These look really cool! Thanks for sharing!

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