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Creative Photography — 25 Cool Examples Of Creative Photography

Creative photography is an art of visual conceptualization. Creative photography creates an illusion in the mind of the viewers and works well for communicating a message or weaving the story of one’s supreme abilities. It is also referred to as trick photography owing to its application in creating effective visual imprints of dreams, goals, funny and imaginative scenes. Here are 25 examples which illustrate the creative aspect of creative photography (achieved through various techniques like sequenced time lapse photography, multiple exposures in a single frame, artistic panning, surreal long exposures, trick photography, high speed photography, etc).

  1. Liberation Of Consciousness
    Liberation Of Consciousness
  2. Buddha Is A Bridge
    Buddha Is A Bridge
  3. My Friends (achieved through multiple exposure)
    My Friends
  4. Untitled
  5. Mirrror Mirror
    Mirrror Mirror
  6. Keeping An Eye On Time
  7. Follow The Rainbow
    Follow The Rainbow
  8. Inner Journey
    Inner Journey
  9. Last Day In Paris
  10. Leave A Little Room In Your Heart
    Leave A Little Room In Your Heart
  11. Heart Keeper
  12. Flying Lessons
    Flying Lessons
  13. Hot Dog
    Hot Dog
  14. Sunlight
  15. Penarose Triangle
    Penarose Triangle
  16. Falling Water (an example of long exposure photography)
    Falling Water
  17. Chaos Inside
    Chaos Inside
  18. A Heart Award For You
    A Heart Award For You
  19. Alien City
    Alien City
  20. Tuscan
  21. Meta 4 5 & 6
    Meta 4 5 & 6
  22. Burning Illusion
    Burning Illusion
  23. Multiple Exposure Of Sam Bass
  24. SoryiJumping (an example of time lapse photography)
  25. 8 Forks (an example of shallow depth of field)
    8 Forks

How about trying your hands at the creative techniques for some interesting shots as these. Check out creative photography tips and techniques here:

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