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Black And White Photographs — Top 10 Picks From APN Flickr Group Pool

Black and white photographs have been with us since the advent of photography. Even after the invention of color films, the beauty of black and white photographs remains unmatched. The elegance and class that black & white photographs portray, have forever been captivating. They bring out the hidden details and textures that their colored counterpart cannot do. They can add a mood and interest to even the most ordinary subject. Here are 10 such timeless black and white photographs that we have selected from the APN’s Flickr Group Pool, showcasing the creative potential of the members who shot them.

  1. 20090618-_DSC3507
  2. May 21, 2011
  3. This Time In B & W
    black and white
  4. Untitled
    black and white
  5. Mount Bay Rowling Club
    black and white
  6. Liatoppen
    black and white
  7. Angel Of The North
    black and white
  8. Light House Burnham-On-Sea
    black and white
  9. Kaitlyn
    black and white
  10. Dsc_1133
    black and white

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  • Andre Aug 18, 2011 @ 23:44

    The thing I love about black & white photography is it enhances the subject & drama of an image. It’s part of the reason why it’s been so enduring.

    When you remove the distractions color can present, you’re left with a sort of level paying field where the only thing that can stand out an make an impact – is the subject itself.

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