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35 Beautiful Bird Photographs

Birds are the most agile creature. Photographing birds require a lot of patience, observation and practice. But that’s not all. It also needs you to equip yourself with proper technique and long lenses. While the equipment itself costs you dearly for photographing the birds, the other challenges include getting the light right, snapping the composition and capturing the action of birds on flight. And here you get some beautiful photographs of the birds. Check them out here!

  1. Bird On A Wire
  2. Surfin Bird
  3. A Pair Of Brown Pelicans
  4. Mocking Bird
  5. Long Billed Curlew Bird
  6. Ghost Bird
  7. Sideways
  8. White Peacock Again
  9. Ready
  10. Tickell’s Blue Flycacther
  11. Para Vos
  12. Bird On A Peer
  13. La Elegancia De Los Cisnes
  14. Touching Heaven
  15. O Bem Te Vi
  16. Great Egret
  17. Praying
  18. Canada Geese
  19. Jonge Koolmees
  20. Solitude
  21. Gulls Into The Sunset
  22. Hummingbird Portrait
  23. Guess Who Got It
  24. Play Nice
  25. Birds
  26. The Drongo Love
  27. Coney Island Bird Man
  28. Bird On A Wire
  29. Iguassu Falls
  30. Hummingbird
  31. Bird Duck Mallard
  32. Green Bea Eater
  33. Notes Of A Rock Song
  34. Lake Onatrio Swan
  35. Make Way

Watch out this space for tips of photographing the birds.

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